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Kindness from a Brit in Jerusalem

I’m headed to Israel in a little over a month, but in the last week, my initial lodging plans fell through.

I frantically contacted several Israeli friends to find a free/cheap place to stay.

25359_382265402874_510122874_4043664_253903_nAn online acquaintance, Jonathan Hayward of the Brit in Jerusalem blog, responded and opened his home to me for a few days, free of charge.

It’s kindness like that – opening your home to a believer who’s never met you in person – that reminds me there really is kindness and generosity among Yeshua’s disciples.

(In the heat of the Messianic blogosphere, I sometimes forget that!)

Thanks, Jonathan! +1


  1. Glad to hear things worked out. My little travel adventure can hardly compare to yours but I made it safely to WI with hardly any fuss. -James


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