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Thomas Malloy: Rest In Shalom

Life is a fragile thing.

This past Friday, after our erev shabbat service, I was joking around with one of our congregants, Thomas Malloy.

Thomas Malloy, volunteering at Feed My Starving Children

We were enjoying oneg, eating a little food. Thomas always brought some good homemade salsa to share with us.

He and I were joking around, and Thomas was doing some goofy dance. I was laughing and saying,

♫ “Go Thomas, go Thomas, go Thomas…” ♫

The next morning, Thomas was killed by a hit-and-run driver.

Thomas was on his way to another Messianic congregation for morning services, riding his bike to Kehilat Sar Shalom in St. Paul, when a driver in a red pick-up sped through a pedestrian area, hit my friend Thomas, and drove off.

The evening news showed footage of the scene: long tire skid marks before a pedestrian crossing. Thomas’ papers and materials scattered around. And Thomas’ distinctive yarmulke, just laying there on the ground.

A bystander caught the driver’s license plate number, and several hours later, the man turned himself in.

I’m told Thomas survived the initial impact; he even held on through the ambulance ride. When they got him to the hospital, he couldn’t hold on any longer. My friend Thomas Malloy died in the hospital, Saturday, November 12th, 2011.

I’m just in shock, and saddened that this quirky, eccentric, but ultimately joyful man is dead. Can’t believe he’s gone, just like that.

Life is fragile.

I’ll miss you, Thomas.


  1. I saw this picture and recognized this fellow as I just met him at Beth Immanuel during Sukkot. What a friendly guy! What a shocking tragedy! Unbelievable. Sad day. May his memory serve as a blessing for his family and those who knew him

  2. Yeah, he would visit a number of congregations in the Twin Cities area (as well as all the way out at Beth Immanuel in Hudson!)

    So Messianics in this region tend to know him well. Eccentric guy, sometimes hard to follow, sometimes a little "out there" at times, but ultimately a friendly and joyful man. He'll be missed.

  3. Thomas and I interacted a few times via e-mail. We had a generally cordial interaction. I'm sure he will be missed.

  4. The thing that impressed me the most about Thomas was his smile and joy. He had a smile for everyone, and wasn't afraid to express his views, sing his songs and dance his dances for anyone who wanted to listen and watch! He was a free spirit and his joy overflowed out of him freely. He was a rare individual and we will be poorer because of his passing. You were loved, Thomas....and you will be greatly missed.

  5. May his memory be a blessing and your tribute to him is much appreciated. So sorry to hear of your loss.

  6. May Adonai grant Shalom to his loved ones.

  7. Thomas was a good man. I have known him since the early 90's. Thomas and I would often discuss the Bible and our love of God. I already miss him and am saddened at how he crossed over. He was an excellent electrician and a sincere human being.

  8. Thomas loved YHWH. He loved to mix in the congregations. He loved to discuss issues. I will miss him! He was a good man.


  9. So sorry to hear this. May his memory (continue to) be a blessing...

  10. When I first met Thomas, I was a little put off by him. He certainly could be eccentric at times!

    Over the years though he won me over. I never knew him to be anything but friendly, happy, and joyful. He always was willing to share a joke, or a conspiricy theory. (Sometimes at the same time -- his distinctive yarmulka was silvery mylar. He claimed it kept the mind-control rays out. :) )

    It was a joy to see him at Tabernacle of David. I missed him when he couldn't come for one reason or another. The world is an emptier place without him.

    Rest in Peace, Thomas my brother.

  11. Sorry to hear about your friend's tragic death. May his memory be a blessing and may his passing touch many.

  12. Gosh, that grieves me for your loss of a fellow faithful congregant, yet fortunately it sounds we count on him having passed on to the other side of things where it's bigger, better, and brighter.


    Zach S.


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