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Gilad Shalit Returned

150px-Gilad_Shalit_portraitA happy time during this Sukkot: Gilad Shalit, the kidnapped Israeli soldier held captive by Hamas for 1914 days, has been returned to Israel as part of a prisoner exchange.

A teary-eyed Israel, headed by the Shalit family, welcome Gilad back home to Israel Tuesday after 1,941 days in captivity at the hands of Hamas and allied terrorists, some of whom continued to urge more kidnappings.

The exchange is thus: Israel sets free 1027 Hamas terrorists, and Hamas releases Gilad Shalit. That’s nearly 1 terrorist for every day Shalit was kidnapped.

Well, I guess Israel and Hamas can agree on one thing: 1 Israeli > 1000 Hamas fundamentalists.

Blogger friend James Pyles has more coverage of the event here: Gilad Shalit: Release From Darkness.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Judah. I've had Gilad on my mind all morning. As I write this, it's evening in Israel. Amid a large group of welcoming residents in his home town, Gilad arrived home earlier in the afternoon. We are all celebrating, but what will it be like for him as he tries to sleep in his own bed for the first time in five years? What nightmares might he have? His body has been freed, but his mind may be captive for years to come.

    I thank God every day that my son David served in the Marines and was honorably discharged without harm (he did suffer some injuries, but they weren't combat related). Also, as Gene commented on my blog and as I also mentioned, there is a terrible cost attached to Gilad's homecoming that we realize but have yet to experience.

    Pray for the peace of Israel, for the peace of Gilad Shalit and his family, and that the Messiah will come soon and in our days.

    Yeah, I'm a little emotional right now.


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