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Kineti Makes The Papers!

Well, not really. But we are on the home page for an international Messianic Jewish newspaper! Woot!

The Messianic Times, a well-known in-print and online newspaper distributed internationally, now features this very blog on their homepage: go to, scroll down, and you’ll see Kineti listed:


Wooot woot!

With all the great Messianic blogs out there, I’m not sure why they listed scrappy ol’ Kineti up there.

Whatever the case, I’m really grateful! Thanks, guys! A hat tip to the fine web kin at Messianic Times. They were wise to highlight Rosh Pina and Dr. Schiffman’s and Gathering Sparks blogs as well, all worthy reads for the Messianic community.

Now that my macho web ego has been sufficiently tickled, we return you to the regularly scheduled scrappiness.


  1. Nice one Judah :-)

    Today Messianic Times, tomorrow the world! Forget Chavah on your mobile, you'll be selling Chavah and the Kineti brand to EMI music soon :-)

    Hehe, hope so anyway.

  2. It might send a lot more commentators your way, too. . .and maybe some more insults for you to, uh, catalog. =]

    It will be interesting to see how hot it gets around here now.



  3. I actually have got an influx of comments over the last week or so, mostly on older posts. The listing on the Messianic Times might explain that.


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