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Messianic community’s subliminal message

Chavah, the best darn Messianic radio on the web, has some new features, like trending tunes and highest ranked song in the Messianic community.

Those features give an insight into what kind of music the Messianic community is enjoying. Today, the top 3 songs changed for the first time in a few weeks, and the outcome was amusing:


The top 3 songs in the Messianic community?

  1. Israel
  2. Wait on the Lord
  3. Bless the Name Yeshua

I like that sentence.

It is amusing to see what kind of music the Messianic community enjoys. Israel is a modern-sounding song by Aviad Cohen. Wait on the Lord is a reggae beat from Israeli group Yerubilee. Bless the Name Yeshua is a modern-sounding tune from Ted Pearce. It seems the community enjoys modern sounds over, say, psalms. (That said, some of Marty Goetz’s psalms enjoy high rankings from the community.)

While technically all 3 songs are tied for the top song – all of them with a +11 ranking from the Messianic community – the random bits of the intarwebs happened to align just right and put them in the above order.

And it brought a smile to my face. Israel, wait on the Lord, and bless the name Yeshua. Amein!

Thanks for the subliminal message, dear Messianic community.

p.s. We missed the bracha this past week due to work overload. We’ll bring back the Bracha goodness this upcoming weekend..


  1. Another one from the trending tunes: "God is Here", "Yisrael", "Remove the Veil".


    A coincident, no doubt, but amusing.

  2. Another great one today:

    Yeshua is the Light, Sh'ma Yisrael, Walk in the Light.

    Ha! Yes!

  3. Shalom Judah:

    I have the album of Ted Pearce singing "Bless the Name Yeshua"- it says "words and music by Ted Pearce"... Well, I heard the same some in a NON Messianic setting, it was instrumental, and I caught the melody "O Come to us, Immanuel".... I couldn't believe it's the same song! Traditional Judaism wouldn't play this song... I am trying to find the "Jewish" rendition of Ted's Song... and how did they hear of his music, assuming he's the original composer? Hmmm.Todah and Shabbat Shalom.

  4. Wait, I don't understand. You heard the melody to Pearce's "Bless the Name Yeshua" in a Jewish setting that was not Messianic?

    And what does that have to do with "Come to us Immanuel"?


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