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Chavah article published

I’ve mentioned I’ve been writing a software development article about Chavah, the best darn Messianic radio on the web, for a popular software development site, CodeProject.

I’m happy to say that, thanks to a little time off from work due to the US holiday, I’ve finished the article and it has been published! Double rainbow, triple woot!

Check it out here:

Building a Pandora clone in Silverlight


The article shows how Chavah is built using the Microsoft web technology stack. This will probably only interest you if you’re involved in software in some way.

Even though the article was published this morning, it’s already getting great reviews from the folks at CodeProject.

And the Chavah servers are taking a beating with the influx of traffic. Ha!

And to further massage my mad-raging ego, my employer saw it and forwarded it to all the software devs in the company.

I’m sportin’ a big grin today.


  1. Way to go, U R such a brainiac!

  2. Young man, as a Senior, very Senior, .NET Developer I wish to compliment you for this great Silverlight application.

    As a believer in Yeshua HaMaschiah I thank the Lord for this resource being there for us.



  3. Thank you, Ari! That's encouraging to hear! Be blessed in Messiah.

  4. Nice! Now maybe you could get a writeup in the Messianic Times...?


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