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Chavah: Now With Extra Awesomeness

Chavah, the best darn Messianic radio on the internet, is full of win. Yes, you heard straight, fine blog reader. Full. Of. Win.


You see, in addition to loading up Chavah with thousands of tunes for the Lord -- most recently some classics from Liberated Wailing Wall -- we’ve added some really cool features, like thumb up/down, Messianic community’s ranking per song, and more.

Thanks to a coding session that lasted well into 3am, last night Chavah got a very cool new feature: Messianic community’s top song.

What is this mysterious top song feature, you ask impatiently?

Well, Chavah lets users thumb up and thumb down songs, right?


So, Chavah is smart and will learn from your likes and dislikes. She aims to please: thumb up a song, she’ll play more of that song and more songs like it. If you thumb down a song, she’ll play it less and fewer songs like it. (Clever girl!)

Chavah keeps this information around. If a song is thumbed-up, it gets a +1 community ranking. Thumb down gives a –1 community rank. You get the idea.

The “top songs” feature wraps all this up with a summarization: of the thousands of Messianic songs Chavah sends through her lovely digital fingers, which songs have the best net community rank? What are the Messianic community’s top-ranked songs?

Chavah searches through her vast neural nets and lists the top songs for all to see. She even lets you click and play those top Messianic tunes:


Very cool feature.

So, what are the Messianic community’s top songs? As of today, October 8th, Chavah tells me that the top 3 songs are as follows:

  1. Ted Pearce – Bless the Name Yeshua, with a net +11 rank by the Messianic community.
  2. Ted Pearce – Psalm 23, with a net +10 rank by the Messianic community.
  3. Lamb – Clay, with a net +10 rank by the Messianic community.

A lot of Messianic folks apparently like Ted Pearce’s music.

Haven’t tried Chavah yet? Get your butt in gear and try it already – it’s free, it works on Mac and Windows, no sign-up required, just go to and start enjoying great tunes for the Lord.

Have a great shabbat, fine blog readers.


  1. OK - I'll check it out.
    by the way, interesting link for your next bracha


  2. Could you use more big volume of the client software?
    Thanks!! ^_^


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