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Songs of repentence

So after saying, “gosh, there’s so few Messianic songs of repentance” in the last post, a good number of you fine blog readers chimed in with counter-examples.

I stand corrected.

After some contemplation of these, I’ve chosen a few songs for this upcoming shabbat. 4 of 5 are Messianic, and they point the worshipper toward repentance:

  1. Lamb – The Sacrifice Lamb: “We’ve broken the Law, but he paid our debt…”

  2. Yosef Karduner – Hashivenu: “Bring us back in perfect repentance before you…”

  3. Steve McConnell – Yom Kippur: “Holy One, how can I approach your mercy seat?”

  4. Micha’el ben David – The Blood: “The blood of Yeshua over us and all Yisrael…”

  5. Lamb – Holy, Holy: “You carried all my sins, o son of David, why? Yet on your back my sins were laid.”

Have an easy fast, fine blog readers.


  1. I know you have gone through a whole round of comments and suggestions, but what came to me and I listened to fresh this morning was the Lamb song from Lamb 2, Come Back, Come Back.

    With these lyrics, it seems to fit pretty well with what you are looking for:

    Come back, come back oh Israel
    To the Lord your God
    For your sins have caused you to stumble
    Come my people Israel

    Come back to the Lord
    Bring these words with you
    Say to Him, "take away our guilt, grant us favor
    That we might bring an offering
    The fruit of our lips"

  2. Oh man, I can't believe I forgot "Come Back". What a great song for repentance. I wish I would have thought about this before picking on the songs. :-)

  3. *picking out, not picking on. Songs don't liked to be picked on. :-)

  4. Hey Bryan,

    Not to resurrect an old thread, but I remembered your post here a year ago, and decided this year I'd learn "Come Back, Come Back" on the guitar.

    Not sure if you're a guitar player, but if you are (or if wandering internet nomads find their way here), you can view the chords for it here: Lamb - Come Back, Come Back

    Thanks again, Bryan, for the reminder about Come Back. Excellent lamentation calling the people to repent; perfect for Yom Kippur.

  5. I play bass guitar so thanks for the chord sheet Judah. Have an easy fast and may it be a time for all of us to draw closer to HaShem.


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