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The Greatest Commandments: Passover Edition

This week, millions of families around the globe will be celebrating God’s Passover. According to Exodus, Passover begins at twilight on the 14th day of the first month, and is observed for 7 days.

To commemorate, we’ll be doing something a little out of the ordinary: each day this week we’ll post a Greatest Commandments installment, each detailing God’s commandments regarding the Passover feast.

Yes, you heard right, folks – please don’t pee your pants in excitement – we’ll be dishing out mitzvah goodness straight from the text, no watered-down flavors, no preservatives, no sugar added! Just good ol’ fashioned, bare-edged mitzvot, straight from the Word. Yes!  ;-)

You might be surprised to know that, according to Maimonides’ list of 613 Biblical commandments, there are at least 30 commandments regarding Passover. Or another way to put it, about 5% of all Biblical commandments are about Passover! Wow. Our commandments hierarchy…she’s gonna grow large, cap’n!

Quite the list to tackle. We’ll start off today with our first batch of 5 commandments.

Stick around, and I hope you all enjoy it, and more importantly, I hope you all enjoy Passover with your families.

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