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Weekly Bracha 13

This past week in the Messianic blogosphere:



  • What Is The New Covenant? - “You keep the Law? Don’t you know we’re under the New Covenant?!” Have you ever heard this assertion? Have you made this assertion yourself? Then you’ll want to listen to this podcast by Messianic apologist John McKee, where he dissects the issue with his usual scholarly rigor.

Oh, and not to forget, my younger sister Michaela has started blogging. Give her a visit over at Simcha Breath of Life. Let’s hope she blogs more consistently than some other new messianic bloggers! ;-)

Enjoy the weekly bracha bits!


  1. It's been quiet in the Messianic blogosphere. Guess I've been busy with my "day job" lately. ;-)

  2. Yeah, it has been. There were a few other links I had, including 2 non-Messianic ones, but I decided quality over quantity.

  3. I just posted a new article to my blog, so perhaps will will "make the cut" for next time.

  4. Thank you so much for Chavah, my wife and I are listening now....

  5. Glad you like it, Stuart!

    I will be adding 1 more album to the station tonight. And another in a few days. We'll have a nice collection in no time. :-)

  6. stumbled across your blog today, would love to know - how do you know that the " site is made by nehemiah? - just curious.

    I love your name - i'm gabriel - and i was going to name my 1st daughter Judah Gabriel if she had been a boy... she's got Hana Ariel instead...



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