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J-BOM is Coming

Several prominent Messianic bloggers are uniting to get lots of people reading Jewish books. We’re calling it Jewish Book of the Month club, or J-BOM.

The following Messianic bloggers are participating:

We’re starting in March, and we’ll be reading The JPS Commentary on the Haggadah. The Jewish publisher offered a 30% discount to Messianics.

Now, fine blog readers, won’t you join us in reading this book? We want lots of people reading along. It will promote knowledge, understanding of our Hebrew roots, and will raise the Messianic voice on the web. Join us!

I know, you’re busy. Everybody is. Heck, I’m currently working 2 jobs, and I’ve got several ongoing projects, like Greatest Commandments, Weekly Bracha, Epistles of Paul, Messianic music chords, and now Chavah. (By the way, I absolutely love Chavah, and I hope you fine blog readers are enjoying it!)

Nonetheless, I’m participating in J-BOM on various levels, and I hope you do too. I’ll read the books when I can, and I’ll link to the J-BOM blogs in the weekly bracha.

Grab a copy of JPS Commentary on the Haggadah and join us.


  1. Judah:

    Awesome, but I have to ask: man-boy? C'mon, I know at least I think better of you than that :-)

    I'd say "young, but wise beyond his years."


  2. Chavah's a nice site.

    I'll join in J-Bom another time maybe!

  3. You're too kind, Derek. But you didn't deny the foolhardy part! Hehehe. :wink:

    Thanks, Joseph, for Chavah compliments! I am really stoked about that thing. I want to move it to its own domain name, add boatloads of music (some I have in mind: Yerubilee, more Marty Goetz, more Aviad Cohen), add some cool features. Should be fun!

    Too bad you won't be joining us for J-BOM in March. Maybe once you see how it goes, you'll give it a spin later.

    Take care, guys.

  4. I'm looking forward to joining in, cheers Judah :-)

  5. Our family likes Chavah too. Thanks for putting it together.


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