Kineti: The Longest Running Messianic Blog on the Web

We all know metablogging (blogging about blogs) is dumb and boring. But you’ll just have to excuse me because, as one prolific tech blogger recently put it,

We [bloggers] may kid ourselves into thinking we're writing out of some sense of public good, or to create connections, or contribute some small bit of knowledge to the world. But let's face it. Most of us blog because we're raving egomaniacs. We not only love to hear ourselves talk, we're incredibly eager to hear other people talk about us, and the more the better.

Quoting author Dale Carnegie,

Nothing is sweeter to someone's ears than their own name.

Today, fine blog readers, allow me to indulge in egomaniacal pleasures for a moment.

This blog you’re reading right now? You know, the one by the foolhardy man-boy on soapbox? The Kineti blog by Judah Gabriel? Well, excuse me while I tickle my ego for a moment: this blog is the oldest, longest running individual Messianic blog on the web.

Remember the Ultimate Messianic Blogroll from last week? I took the liberty of investigating just how long those prominent Messianic bloggers have been blogging. The result?

Longest running Messianic blog chart

(Click for full sized image)

See that, fine blog readers? The Kineti blog has been running for 65 months (that’s about 5 and a half years). The only blogs that have run longer are the FFOZ and MJTI community blogs, both running at 67 months. Still, those blogs are run by organizations being paid for their work, not freelancing individuals like myself, so I’ll pretend they don’t count. ;-)

Fine blog readers, that puts the blog of yours truly as the longest-running individual Messianic blog on the web. Wahooo!

And since blogs without comments aren’t really blogs, I couldn’t have done it without you, fine blog readers. It’s true: You like me! You really like me!

Now that I’ve sufficiently tickled my ego and pretended I’m important, we now return you to our regular programming.


  1. Your Awesome Judah. Just thought I'd put that out there in case you didn't know ;) Shalom, shalom.

  2. Awww yeahhh...


    Seriously, I suck. And I like to brag. And I'm being full of myself.

    But it is cool to be one of the longest-running Messianic blogs on the web. As far as I can tell, Kineti is the longest running Messianic blog run by an individual. That's cool.

    (Don't worry, fine blog readers, this will be the last "see how cool I am?!" gloating post from me. For awhile, anyways. ;-)

  3. As long as we remember that Al Gore really invented the Internet, I think all will be OK.

  4. Uh oh. I think John just stated a kind of truth that's, um, inconvenient?