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Shavuot with First Fruits of Zion

I spent Shavuot weekend at Beth Immanuel, a Messianic congregation in Hudson, Wisconsin.

The First Fruits of Zion crew, guys for whom I hold a lot of respect, held a several-day-long conference there. I only made it to the last day of the conference, Sunday. Boy am I’m glad I made it Sunday! Daniel Lancaster, the leader of Beth Immanuel had an amazing teaching reconciling the Book of Hebrews with the eternal status of Levitical priesthood and the Temple. For the first time, I feel a complete harmony between Hebrews and the Torah, a harmony lacked in the traditional interpretation of Hebrews. I want to relate to you fine blog readers this teaching in the coming months.

During the conference, I met Boaz Michael, founder and president of First Fruits of Zion.

Boaz is a cool guy. He gave a presentation and pitch for the HaYesod material – a pack of materials designed to strengthen and infuse the Messianic movement with new families and under a solid foundation, hoping to give a “needed shot in the arm” to the Messianic movement. After hearing these plans in the construction of God’s kingdom, I was praying continually during the service…Lord, bless these people abundantly and to overflowing!” The service they are doing for the Lord does not get enough publicity nor enough acknowledgement from the broader Messianic community.

I also met Jeremiah Michael, Boaz’ son, a really cool guy, as well as some of the other FFOZ crew folks – they are really great people.

During the conference, I ran into 4 people who recognize me from this blog. “Hey, you’re that Judah guy from the blog, right?” That brought a smile to my face – this blog has gotten a lot of traffic over the years, and it sweetly tickled my ego that a handful of Messianic folks recognized me through it.

My only regret through the whole thing was forgetting to get some pictures of the event!

Hope you fine blog readers had a great Shavuot!


  1. Baruch Hashem!! and shame on no pictures :)

  2. That sounds great - blessings to FFOZ and their great organization for HaShem.


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