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Let’s play Church!

Sometimes, I feel like this is the modern Church here in the US…


I have relatives who attend mega-churches with Starbucks stands and video game arcades to keep the teens busy.

I’m not one of those “video games are evil” people, but honestly, at church? A place to come and worship God? Man, I don’t see Messiah giving a nod of approval on that one.

Hat tip to Sacred Sandwich.


  1. What's worse? The anti-Torah/Judaism/Semitic teachings of Christianity or them having coffee and video games in their churches?

  2. The former is worse. Having a negative stance towards God's Law is the first step in the wrong direction for the Church.

    It leads to silly things like video games in a place of worship. And it leads to foolish things like allowing for and normalizing sin and sexual immorality. And it leads to hatred towards God's people Israel through various doctrines that encourage the idea that the Church has replaced Israel.


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