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Shlomo's Wisdom

A couple weeks back, I mentioned Massachusetts Institute of Technology's (MIT) guide to writing a philosophy paper, which equally could be applied to discussions on the internet:

“Pretend that your reader is lazy, stupid, and mean.”

He's lazy in that he doesn't want to figure out what your convoluted sentences are supposed to mean, and he doesn't want to figure out what your argument is, if it's not already obvious. He's stupid, so you have to explain everything you say to him in simple, bite-sized pieces. And he's mean, so he's not going to read your paper charitably.

Well, maybe King Shlomo had a more eloquent way of putting it:

A man of knowledge uses words with restraint,
and a man of understanding is even-tempered.

Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent,
and discerning if he holds his tongue.

You know that last blog post about being saved by grace? I've made lots of long-winded replies in the comments. Probably haven't used my words with restraint. I need to make an effort to chose my words wisely. Too often I ramble on with lengthy diatribes to all the places my mind takes me.



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  1. I tend to do the same, ramble too much. It's because, JH, people like us have active brains.

    That's odd, I can't think of anything more to say...


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