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Goodbye, Mr. Bush

George Bush was never an eloquent speaker in public, and we can laugh at that. Bush himself was aware of his poor oratory skills, even joking at press conferences about his fumbling. (Those that have spoken to him in private tell a very different story, however.)

I have to hand it to him for sticking to his principles despite vehement hatred and contempt from the political left in America, who wished to spite Bush to the extent of hoping for failure in Iraq. But Bush held on and persistence paid off in Iraq; President Obama now need only fall into the pit of success.

Though he was often portrayed as a bumbling fool, history will record President Bush as man who led the nation out of the dot-com economic bust, responded with action in the face of 9/11, stabilized gas prices in spite of poor international economic conditions, and brought democracy to dictatorship.

For all your faults, we’ll still miss you, Mr. Bush.


  1. Aside from all his faults, George W. Bush did not deserve the bad rap that the media gave him. He may not have been the president his father was, but he was by no means the evil man that so many people think he is.

    It has finally begun to hit me that America has a new president. I think the United States is now being run by a child.

  2. Those are strong words. I take it you didn't Vote For Change! ;-)

    I heard an interesting analysis of Bush compared to Obama: we laughed at Bush; it was easy to see he couldn't speak well publicly, it was completely transparent he was a bumbler in public who said what was on his mind, didn't hide his views or actions. This transparency was a way to know him.

    Contrast this with the new President who holds his cards close to his chest. It leaves questions to where he really stands, and the only real way to find out is to see his actions.

    As I said last March, my worry is that Obama's views borrow from his pastor of 20 years. I hope I'm wrong, but without transparency, it's hard to discern where he stands.

    His actions will show us where he stands. I hope he stands in contrast to his pastor as a friend of Israel.

  3. I was a McCain supporter since 2000. :)

    The inauguration speech issued criticisms against the Bush Administration, but also the Clinton Administration. This new president knows that if he doesn't rule from the Center, he'll lose his second term.

  4. Well, we are peas in a pod, then. I hoped McCain would win in 2000, and was saying McCain should be the Republican candidate even when it looked like his campaign would run out of money early last year.

    I kind of liked Huckabee after awhile, but realized he had a miniscule chance.

    Anyways, that's the past.

    Obama will be used by the Lord for whatever he plans, and I'll leave it at that.

  5. One has to seriously wonder about the soundness of judgment of a man who had spent 20 years in a church equivalent of Nation of Islam, was married by its racist pastor, had baptized his daughters there and only left it because of public pressure. This is the same church that has bestowed its highest honors on the founder of that anti-semitic and racist organization - Louis Farrakhan. This will also give us a clue to Obama's spiritual condition.

    I agree, Judah, G-d will use President Obama for His own purposes - HaShem is in total control.

  6. Well on his first day, his first international phone call was to President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority. What do you think that action says?

  7. @Gene,

    Ah, I thought you were gone. Glad to see you back. Glad my arguing with you didn't send you away for good. :-)

    About what you said, yep, you're preaching to the choir. His unclear stance on Israel is of concern. We know Rev. Wright spews vehement anti-Israel hatred from his pulpit. We pray Obama doesn't share his pastor's views.

    I hope people on the left now see that our questioning of Obama was not a dirty campaign tactic, but rather, a real concern. It remains a concern today.

    If our concern is unfounded, and Obama turns out to be a friend of Israel, well then, praise God.

  8. Lou,

    I hadn't heard that. I just looked it up, and you're right, Obama's first call was to Palestinian Fatah party leader Abbas.


    I guess we should be thankful he didn't phone Hamas leader Haniyeh. :-)

    At the same time, this is cause only for more concern at this time. We'll see what Obama's actions are.

  9. "Glad my arguing with you didn't send you away for good. :-)"

    The only time I stay away from an argument is when the other party gets too emotional. A civilized conversation is sharpening.

    Who can blame Obama for not seeking Israel's best interests when an overwhelming majority of America's own Jews couldn't care less about what happens there. 78% of American Jews voted for this man!

    Even many Israeli Jews are blinded to him. When I was in Israel a few months back, a taxi driver was all excited about Obama becoming president. He even said that Mr. B. Hussein O. has a Jewish relative - a cousin who is also a rabbi - so how could Obama be against Israel! (This cousin, Capers Funnye - look him up on YouTube - is a former Methodist who believes that the original Israelites were black, i.e. "Hebrew Israelites")

    Oy vey!

  10. Haha, I enjoyed the video. Bush was a greater president than most people today think, but the history books will say differently.

    I haven't checked out your blog in a long time, Judah. Hope things are going well for you!


  11. Hi again, Judah.

    A friend of mine works for the Australia-Israel Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) and I attended a lecture by him on "what Obama means for Israel".

    The information we gained during the bitter election is certainly relevant, but let's cling on to some, er, hope... that Obama is prone to his other buzzword- "change". Who knows how many of his dubious supporters and sponsors may be brushed off as he realises the true pressures of being POTUS.

    If indeed his ideology is what those alarming associations indicate, and he never changes, then we have cause to worry.

    But my friend examined the Obama kitchen cabinet and concluded there is sufficient pro-Israel influence there (Hillary, Emmanuel, the ex-Bush security advisor whose name escapes me...).

    I suppose that doesn't mean he must take their advice...

    One thing's for sure, the media are still enarmoured with him to the point of delusion.

    .Interesting article here

  12. I too will miss President Bush. I truly believe he was a sincere man that did what he thought was right. His biggest mistake was not realizing that it is a holy war even if only one side realizes it.


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