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Yeshua HaMoshiach

Some tunes for Messiah as we enter His shabbat,

Yeshua HaMoshiach
Is the name above every name
Alpha, Omega
Beginning and the end

Yeshua HaMoshiach
Offspring of David
Holy One of Israel
Son of Abraham

I love how this song just lays on Him these pronouncements: anointed one, first, last, beginning, end, David’s offspring, Holy One, Abraham’s seed. Amen amen.

Shabbat shalom, fine blog readers.


  1. 49 comments on your last post, surely a record now Judah!?

    (You can thank me later ;))

    Say, can you remember from some earlier comments when I first found your blog, I spoke about Sukkot and the idea of Yeshua's birth there.

    would you mind having a look at my discussion of it on my blog here,. I'd love some feedback etc, most grateful.

    Shabbat Shalom all!

  2. Love this song, its awesome. Only one problem, "alpha and omega". Should be "alef and tav".

    And this song would be ideal in Hebrew, maybe I'll translate it and play/sing it that way! =)

  3. Hi Patrick,

    49 comments is not a record, believe it or not. I had a 100+ debate thread earlier this year!

    I will look at your blog post on Sukkot. Glancing at the blog, I suspect it's something I'll enjoy. Subscribed.

  4. Aaron, if Revelation was written in Hebrew, then yes, it should be Aleph and Tov!

  5. I had a 100+ debate thread earlier this year!

    Way to go!!

    I don't think you could do any better if you trolled an Anglican "replacement theology" blog ;) .


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