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Election Night Predictions

Back in 2006, I predicted that in 2 years time, a Democratic ticket of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will go up against a Republican ticket of John McCain and Joe Lieberman.

Well, I was close.

Now, after billions of dollars spent in political ads in a year when Republicans are supposed to lose in a big way thanks to the economy, high gas prices, and an unpopular war, here are my predictions:

McCain/Palin will pick up Florida but lose in Pennsylvania and Ohio, putting Barack Obama into the White House.

Republicans will lose 3 Senate seats, causing a big Democratic majority.

You heard it here first!

*Update* Ok, so I was wrong on the Florida prediction. PA and Ohio predictions were right. Obama prediction was right. The Dems have a +5 gain in the Senate at the time of this writing.


  1. Even here down under, the Obama cult still has everyone swooning. The ecstasy will take some time to wear off. Hope and Change and Change and Hope and....(etc)

    Not all of us though. This is a sad day for the USA, unborn humans and Israel. BUT nobody comes to power without the permission of YHWH. He's at work, even through this wolf in sheep's clothing.

    G-d bless Israel.

  2. Robyn...

    To me, and to most people I know, the skin color is not the issue. What matters is person's views and plans for our country. I would gladly support a Godly person of ANY color who supports life, liberty, freedom of speech, freedom to run my business, who will protect our land from our enemies and will also be a blessing to my other beloved nation, Israel.

    We have four years to see where Mr. Obama really stands. In any case, HaShem will make it right when he returns - I am not worried.

  3. Robyn, I hear you. I found it frustrating to hear Christian Obama supporters share in, and celebrate with, some of the savage populist attacks on Sarah Palin. They care so little about the power of their words.

    Perhaps I was not careful with mine. But what I say of Obama is not "without reason". The reasons are well documented and beyond the scope of this comments forum.

    Apologies if I misunderstand you but you seem quick to translate others’ dislike or mistrust of Obama "without reason" into a racial thing. If so, then I am sorry to hear that, and I'm sorry it hurts you. Race has nothing to do with it, providing Obama feels the same way.

    I stand to be corrected by evidence over time, and I sincerely hope I am wrong. But as Gene has said, it’s not about me. YHWH is sovereign over all this, on that we can all agree.


  4. Sorry, couple more things as a by-the-way:

    Robyn, love your blog. It's a delight. Nice fellowship you have there, too.

    Ok, so I was wrong on the Florida prediction. PA and Ohio predictions were right. Obama prediction was right. The Dems have a +5 gain in the Senate at the time of this writing.

    So, Judah, we'll just have to call you a "minor prophet".

  5. Thanks for your comments, guys. I don't think that when people disagree with Obama, it's always because of race. I just am a little wary when people say they are against him and then don't give concrete reasons why. And I certainly was not accusing any of you of doing that. I truly thank you for reading my blog and responding. I think open, friendly dialog is always important.

    Your sister in Yeshua,

  6. When I think the words "judged by the content of their character" I hear them in the voice of Martin Luther King, Jr. and it is character that causes me to be very suspicious of Barak Obama. The media has fallen down on the job and they have not revealed anything of this man to us. He has been allowed to project an image of himself and that image is not questioned. This is done by people that I believe are seeking to hide their own predjudice by bending over backwards to avoid saying anything that might be construed that way. Or that is the reasoning I have applied to a news media that was not objective but did everything possible to promote Obama and put him in the White House.

    I've done a lot of reading on my own and there are so many questions about this man that have not been answered, even that he refuses to answer from his citizenship,to his school records,to the many different names he has used during his lifetime (Barak Heussain(sp?)Obama is what he changed his name to in 1981 after a trip to Pakistan),to his religeous faith, to the questionable people through whom he has risen so quickly to power. The best description of what I have been able to learn about him is shadowy and all of the questionable things that exist in his background will follow him into the White House and at some point, demand to be answered. Right now the American people have put a stranger in the White House but in the years ahead, he will become known to us. When his actions reveal what the change is that he so eloquently promises without definition the true content of his character will be revealed.

    I did find out what his name means: Blessings from God through the handsome one who is crooked. Interesting.

    I'm just waiting to see where that cute little symbol of his ends up.


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  8. (Sorry, deleted previous comment 'coz the link didn't work)

    What an interesting exegesis of BHO's name, JoyI ! Can you give us the breakdown?

    BHO has certainly divided believers more than should be possible. Those on his side mustn't "deify" him so much they miss noticing when he is doing wrong. Those against him mustn't be so jaded by his past that we fail to notice where he might do well. He should be in our prayers.

    Anyone noticed his selection of staff chief and what do they make of it?

    Judah, I wonder who called them all "minor prophets" in the first place? I mean, when we see them in The Kingdom, are we gonna go up to Habbukuk or Malachi and say "hey, you're that minor prophet!", (and expect them to smile politely) ?!


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