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Perfect Torah

    The Master’s Torah is perfect,
          restoring the inner person.
          His instruction can be trusted,
          turning thoughtless fools into wise men.

The Master’s precepts are righteous,
       giving joy to the heart.
       His commandments are pure,
       giving light to the eyes.

The fear of the Master is clean,
       standing the test of time.
       His judgments are true
       and altogether righteous.

They’re more desirable than gold,
       even pure gold;
       they’re sweeter than honey,
       even drippings from the honeycomb.

Through your commandments I, your servant, am warned;
       what great reward in keeping them!

-King David, in Psalm 17

Preach it, King David!

Shabbat shalom, fine blog readers.


  1. Amen! And my favourite is Psalm 119. Okay, it's long, but you'll take 5 seconds to pick up the theme.

    1. How happy are those... who live by the Torah of Adonai
    16. I will find my delight in your regulations
    24; your instructions are my delight
    35....for I take pleasure in it!
    70; for I take delight in your Torah
    72; Your Torah...means more to me than gold and silver
    77; Your Torah is my delight
    97; how I love your Torah!

    ...and more..!

    Delight? Pleasure? Gold and Silver? Love your Torah? Can you see the Christians shuddering at the "Legalism" ;) Yet these verses are there for us to absorb.

    I was blogging with some fellow Christians (lefties...they are out there!) who, lets just say, abuse their "freedom in Christ". They tried the WWJD? thing on me. So I said, what would Jesus do? Well, here's a starting point for you; Jesus was a Torah-observant Jew. If you wanna know WWJD, start by learning the Torah.

    Give them time! Ah, the dance between grace and law. It's a lifetime study. I wish I was born a Jew.

    Thanks again for your great work. Shalom.

  2. At our parish we sing this song to a very beautiful setting. A modern setting but beautiful. And I normally prefer very traditional settings.



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