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Messianic Jews on Israeli News

Israel's Channel 2 featured a news segment on the Messianic Jews in Yad HaShmona, Israel:

I have some family going to Yad HaShmona during the Feast of Tabernacles this week - it's cool to see some of the stuff God's doing in that place, indeed, in the whole land of Israel.


  1. Wow, thanks for sharing that. I needed to see that today, the connection that we have. Even though I’m not in Israel, I feel at home watching the video.


  2. Why does this footage put a tear in my eye?? Thanks JG for posting it, I've been looking for another vid to embed on my blog (Sorry for spamming).

    I hope all my Christian friends see it and I expect the occasional shudder when they talk about disassociating themselves from "Christianity". Gasp!! They're not baptised!! And what's this "Mezuzah"?? Hehe.

    Sad about the Haredi's behaviour but they are pushing against the goads. Hashem is working wonders with His beloved, right before our very eyes.

    Cheers from down under.

  3. I'm Catholic and I found it very moving (saw it a while ago). Of course they are part of the body of messiah. Of course, I would hope the whole community would come into the Catholic Church. But if they don't I have a confident hope that the holy spirit will work through them - perhaps even in ways that make use of them not being "formally" in the Church. And I think P.H. is right - the haredi are pushing against the goads - God's ways are not our ways. He writes straight with our crooked lines. We should all pray for the messianic community in Israel. They're on the firing line.



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