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We Are Messianic

We stand for God's instructions in the Torah and we stand for the Messiah of the world and of Israel: Yeshua. We're unashamed of this.

We won't give in to the pressures from the Church to abandon Torah and assimilate into the Church.

We won't give in to the pressures from the synagogue to abandon Messiah.

We won't give in to the secular culture to give up on all this religious stuff and live the worldly life.

We won't be discouraged by the church's mischaracterization of us as lawheads without grace, how they paint us as being justified by our works.

We won't be discouraged by the synagogue's contempt for our faith, or by their claims we aren't Jewish because we believe Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel.

We won't be discouraged by the secular world's mockery of our beliefs, thinking us confused folks who take the Bible too literally.

Derek Leman nailed it. It's time Messianics take a stand as forebearers of Messiah, a light on the front to bring Israel back to Messiah and gentile Christians to Torah. Derek puts it so eloquently,

We need to know who we are and what we stand for. Messianic Judaism is two things: it is Messianic and it is Jewish.

Put simply, we have two strong commitments: Messiah and Torah.

People will misunderstand us as Irenaeus misunderstood the Ebionites. They will wittingly or unwittingly slander us. They will call us legalists. They will say we don’t believe in grace. They will say we are pretend Jews. They will say of the non-Jews among us that they don’t belong here. They will say Gentiles have no business playing Jew. They will say Jews don’t believe in Jesus. They will say we are half-mad fundamentalists taking the Bible far too literally. They will say lighten up on the Sabbath and dietary rules, man. They will say we just want to turn Jews into Christians. They will say everything we believe in does not matter.

Those of us who love Torah and Messiah need a strong identity and an even stronger commitment. Too often we are pressured into silence about Torah around our Christian brothers, and too often we are pressured into silence about Messiah around our Jewish brothers. Without a strong identity and commitment, what hope is there for us? We'll cave in and become Christians without Torah. Or Jews without Messiah. Or we'll give up on God altogether.

So, folks, it's time to take a stand. We're the light on the front, the harbingers of Messiah.

Be strong for the Lord, be bold and take a stand for Him in front of Jews, gentiles, and the secular world. God's called us out in these last days for his purposes. So don't let the world get you down! The world in all it's hyper-sexual, perverse, godless ways lead to destruction. But there is one way, a humble and less-worldly route, that does not end in the destroying of your life...

-- Hahah, praise Him. --

We can overcome because the God of Israel resides in us and writes his Torah as the fabric of our inner parts. Overcome this world. Turn over the tables of evil, turn them upside, throw them out of your life.

Strengthen your identity as Israelites, whether you're a Jew whose come to God through Messiah or a gentile who's joined Israel, you belong to the God of Israel and Messiah is your head.

Never lose sight of that.


  1. Now that's what I'm talking about!
    Let's get serious - I am a gentile, grafted in - looking for others who wish to uplift Yeshua and Torah.
    Thanks for this post!

  2. Although I don't consider myself a Messianic nor part of the majority of the Messianic movement, most of this is great stuff I'm definitely in favor of.

    However, with the silence about Yeshua thing, I have a different view. I know some secret Orthodox and Chassidic believers in Yeshua, and I know of others. Some, HaShem has spoken to and told them to keep quiet about Yeshua, and some Rabbis (one who is a former Chief Rabbi of Israel) have been told to keep quiet and not proclaim Yeshua to all of Yiddishkeit yet, because it isn't time yet. But that time is coming soon and it will happen.


  3. Yeah, I'm not saying we should all go in the streets shouting, "Jeeezuz, Jeeezus".

    Rather, there are some folks that hide their belief in Messiah around Jews so as to fit in. If that is the only reason, it's not justified. If God has told them that the time isn't right, that's another thing.

    Likewise, some Messianics keep quiet about Torah around Christians so as not to shake things up. I've done that occasionally. Again, if it's only to fit in and make peace, it's not justified.

    Shalom, bro, have a safe trip out to Chicago.


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