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His Delight Is In the Law of the Lord

Marty Goetz is a Messianic Jewish psalmist and pianist. This troubadour has written some of the most beautiful music I've been fortunate enough to put my ear to.

While it may not have that modern worldly pop sound like most Christian pop music, it's from the heart and made to glorify God as its sole purpose, in contrast to much of today's modern Christian music which I've found to often emphasize entertainment over worship. Marty's music really captures the heart of the psalmist - a true heart of David.

I just got a hold of Marty's new album, Hope of Glory. Perhaps my favorite from the album is this beautiful rendition of Psalm 1. Have a listen and be blessed and renewed by it!

Marty Goetz - Psalm 1.mp3

Just listening to the chorus, "He delights in the Law of the Lord" reminds me of how far we've strayed from the the psalmist. Today's theology dictates we look at the Law as a superfluous burden, inducive to legalistic critics.

How differently the psalmist saw it! How blessed -- how truly happy with real joy! -- is the man who delights in the Law of the Lord. Hallel l'Yahweh! Day and night he meditates on all that's righteous, desiring nothing more than to delight in the law of the Lord.

Father, that is my desire, may I always delight in your ways and in your righteous instruction.


  1. Marty has some great music!
    This song is very good, definitely one of my favorites from his new album too, although I haven't heard all the songs yet.

    Marty's music is deep acoustic music, not thin, shallow, fake pop music. His music is real music, and its from the heart.


  2. Marty's beautiful psalms really do praise the Lord. I get something deeper out of them than when listening to contemporary culture's music.

  3. Loved the song, Judah. I have been doing a bible study about the songs of ascent (it's great). Some of the psalms I have heard modern melodies for (Psalm 121), but I was wondering if you might know if there is a cd that has English melodies to all of the songs of ascent. I was able to find one in Hebrew from Amazon, but I would like it in English. Also, do you know if there is a cd with the Hallel on it?

  4. I'm a visitor and glanced over some of the content from the "Jesus" and "Christianity" sections and based on what I read it seems like we are of the same faith.

    I want to make a point that there are many Christians out there who aren't Osteen, Meyer, Bentley, etc. lovers who seek to serve themselves. Many delight in the Law of the LORD, practice correct hermeneutics, seek to establish churches when home churches are overgrown, do not preach on streets saying "Repent for the end is near" but go through the Law and articulate the legal transaction of the crucifixion and articulate Grace as Scripture speaks of it, desire not to set aside Friday evening thru Saturday evening for sake of tradition, don't put up Christmas trees or give gifts to celebrate that Yahweh brought salvation to this world and His wrath is no longer abiding on all who believe, don't celebrate Easter's Pagan roots, there are Paedobaptists (I am not one) who do make intelligent arguments for their case, we don't preach "accept Jesus into our heart" as many of us believe in repentance and faith ("receive Jesus/Yeshua as LORD") and Jesus isn't outside in the cold tap-tap-tappin' on that door to our heart seeking warmth, etc. I want to make that point so you know how it comes off to me as an evangelical reading your blog. We can argue the feasts and everything until the cows come home, but should we really be arguing over many things that people who profess the Christian faith do based solely on tradition when they aren't Christians since they do not have an understanding of soteriology?

    Thanks for being bold on a site like

  5. Haley, glad you liked the song.

    Regarding the psalms of ascent, I'm afraid I don't know of such a CD, sorry!

    I know some individual songs for the hallel, but not a single CD.

    I've got much my Messianic Jewish music online, including a few songs based on the hallel psalms. You can see them at my Messianic MP3s page.

    David, thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the blog. I realize there are many Christians who aren't the stereotypical televangelist variety.

    Regarding your last question there, I would say we ought to expose the pagan roots of the "Christian" holidays and let God take it from there.

    We must also expose the anti-Jewish roots of early Christianity in order to clear out the anti-Jewish theologies we've held throughout the centuries that has led to the persecution and deaths of millions Jewish people through Christian-sponsored pogroms such as the Crusades or the Inquisitions.

  6. I remember hearing some of Marty's music back in the 1980s. I've always liked it, mostly because it is different from anything else I come across.

    W^L+ (@lnxwalt on Twitter)

  7. Ah, lnxwalt, I just twittered out loud, wondering who is lnxwalt. :-)


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