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Update an Ami Ortiz

Earlier this week, on the topic of persecution of Messianic Jews in Israel, I described how Ami Ortiz, a 15 year old Messianic boy was critically injured by an explosive package sent to the family's home by a Jewish extremist.

15 year old Amiel Ortiz, a Messianic Jew who was critically injured in a bomb delivered by Jewish extremists

Today I received an email today forwarded from Ami's mother regarding the health status of the now-recovering boy.

Ami Update from his mother Leah- May 27, 2008

Ami had another appointment this week with a hand specialist. He has severe pain in his hands, especially the left, which is a result of nerve damage. The doctor told us that he needs operations in both of his arms as the nerve damage begins quite high up, above the elbow, at least on the left side. We were told that one of the major nerves is torn and another is damaged. If the torn one can't be reconnected, they'll have to do a graft from another nerve somewhere else in his body. In which case, it will have to grow and could take a year to see results. She said that nerves grow at the rate of 1 cm. a day!! He has very long arms, so he has about 1/2 a meter of nerves to grow in!! However, it could be that the existing nerves can be repaired and reconnected. So let's pray for that and for continued miracles for Ami. The surgery on the left hand is scheduled for this Monday, June 2.

I have to say that Ami took the news better than I did - because he's anxious for the pain to be relieved.

We also have to see the foot specialist, as he has tendons that need to be reattached in his right foot. I am in touch with a very well known plastic surgeon who also wants to see Ami to see what can be done for the left foot and the skin graft scars.

Please pray that we will be able to stay faithful and full of faith through this ordeal. I often feel overwhelmed by what Ami is going through. Every so often, Ami is weakened by the pain to the point of tears. David and I are grateful though, the bottom line is he's with us and we can be going through what we're going through. We are also grateful, because even in the natural, there are solutions for all of his problems. We are grateful that we have all of you so faithfully praying and believing for us. We are also grateful that we have a great God who loves us and has never left us or forsaken us for a moment.

I ask for prayer for our criminal lawyer, Yossi Graiver, who is representing us. He is not a believer, but an extraordinary person with a heart for what has happened to Ami and a desire to see justice served. We also have a Messianic lawyer who has helped us from the beginning, Calev Myers, who represents the Messianic community here in Israel in matters concerning the faith and the law of the land. We are extremely blessed. Please pray for the legal case, that the criminals will be caught, and that a full sentence will be served with no plea bargains.

Thank you. I will try to keep you updated as to the results of the operation as soon as I can get to my computer.

Yours in the Messiah,
Leah Ortiz

I can't find any words but the famous religious cliche: please pray for this boy. I mean that. Please pray for Ami, his family, the perpetrators, and the whole situation in Israel. Father, bless your name, show your compassion and shalom towards this family and the whole people of Israel.

Shabbat shalom.


  1. He is in my prayers. Thanks for posting an update.

    By the way, you might want to check out the following book by Brad Young -Meet the Rabbis: Rabbinic Thought and the Teachings of Jesus (Paperback). You can get a good idea of it from the customer comments. I have read other books by Prof. Young and his teacher, Prof. David Flusser. They were very good. Haven't read this one but sounds like he made alot of his learning very accessible.


  2. Thank you for reminding us to pray for Ami and his family. Our Lord is our healer.

    By the way, Judah, my best friend is in Israel right now for Fulfillment Fest. Thought you might enjoy her travel blog:

  3. Todd and Haley, thanks guys for praying for him.

    Haley, I'll check out her blog, thanks.

  4. The attack was certainly reprehensible. However, it was used as Christians as a symbol to smear Judaism. Ortiz had a fatwa issued for him by the Gran Mufti of Jerusalem for missionizing to Muslims. Fatah even took credit for the blast. And yet, without a shred of proof, a blood libel was issued saying that the Jews attacked the son of a pastor. This is slander!

  5. Nope, sorry, as much as I'd like to wipe the slate of the Orthodox clean on this one, I've got it on word from the family and the Hebrew police that a well-known Jewish extremist was seen delivering the package -- caught on footage by the security cameras installed on their home after it was firebombed the previous year.

  6. Judah... last time I checked, the video was said to be pointing directly into the sun, making the ID of the suspect very difficult, if not impossible. Also, as bar kohba mentioned, a Palestinian group took credit for the attack (not a proof, of course, but for what it's worth).

    Let's wait for the conclusion of the investigation, shall we. If it is proven beyond doubt that it was the Orthodox Jews who did it, I expect a severe reaction on the part of secular and non-Orthodox Israelis, and hopefully the government, against the extremist Orthodox groups. But before this happens, let's hold our judgment.


  7. Gene, I've heard second-hand information from the family and the police that it is conclusive. Everyone initially thought Palestinian terrorism was the culprit until the video was revealed.

  8. The Lord gave Israel to the Jewish people and the rest of the world to the gentiles. So why do you have to come here to spout your garbage ? Go to Africa where they will believe that some whore had a bastard that became a god, but not here. It hurts me that Ami Ortiz was wounded. I would have been happier if the whole family of vipers were killed. Thank you, Rabbi Moshe Ben-Hod


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