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Blog Discussions

I love writing of the things I'm passionate about. This blog has given me the soapbox to stand on, and I think things have worked out well.

But even more, I love the discussion that follows in the blog comments. Often times, the most interesting meat of a post is in the comments. Right now that's happening with Torah and the Gentiles from yesterday, with a few regulars coming with some deep discussion in the comments.

Yeah, there's the occasional drive-by-shooting comment, the spam here and there, and every now and then, something hateful posted. Nonetheless, I've been pleased at the quality of the comments on this site.

Like prolific tech blogger Jeff Atwood, I feel that a blog without comments isn't a blog. If it doesn't have comments, you're not getting feedback, you're not getting discussion; the end result is a not a blog, it's a dissertation, an essay, or newsletter. It's not a blog.

Jeff likens a blog without comments to a preacher at a church:

"It's more like a church pulpit. You preach the word, and the audience passively receives your evangelical message. Straight from God's lips to their ears. When the sermon is over, the audience shuffles out of the church, inspired for another week. And there's definitely no question and answer period afterward."

I heartily agree. I follow about 60 blogs (mostly tech-related) using the free RSS Bandit reader, and of these, perhaps only 2 or 3 of these blogs disable comments. I'm routinely frustrated by these few that disable comments; so many times I have wanted to discuss one of Derek Leman's excellent posts on the Jewish gospel of Jesus, for example, only to be disappointed when I remember he doesn't allow comments.

Discussion is my favorite part of blogging.

So, dear readers, keep discussing. I think I've learned a lot from the discussions so far and am really encouraged to see the kind of civil discussions going on here lately. Your discussions and your beliefs influence me more than I let on. Thank you, fine blog reader, for getting involved.

And for you less-than-fine blog readers who refuse to make yourself known, hey, now's the time. Drop me a line in the comments, even if it's just to say hello and "Hi, I read your blog".

(There, big text so you couldn't miss it. smile)

Or maybe you don't agree with something I said? Tell me why, I promise to discuss it civilly with you.

Agree with something I write? Chime in and defend me, the poor author, from the attacks of my misguided readers. wink

I love discussing things with you guys. Thanks for reading and even more for your discussions.



  1. Hey Judah,

    On this I totally agree. Especially, when writing about our common faith the comments are what make it ministry. I have been ministered to greatly through blogging and I hope I have ministered to others, as well. It is great to share Jesus and this type of fellowship hits on a much deeper level than what takes place with verbal conversation, even with the confusion that can take place when there are no emotional cues.

    My grandmother taught me that we can never know the true validity of what we believe or what we think until we test our beliefs and thoughts against the beliefs and thoughts of another. That is what takes place here and I do so appreciate you providing a forum for that level of discussion. "Iron sharpens iron" and I understand this Proverb so much better because of my online experience. I know that I grow more through conversations with folks that I don't completely agree with rather than with those that I agree often. As long as we all agree on Christ, it is all good.

    May all who enter here continue to contend for the truth without contention and in brotherly love!

  2. Hey Judah,
    I love your blog and I check it almost every day. I have learned so much about my Savior from the posts and the comments. I am passionate about unity in the body and I believe that discussing our points of view helps to bring understanding. Keep the posts coming!

  3. I read your blog daily through Google Reader.

    I partly agree with you and Jeff about comments, simply because allowing unmoderated comments is irresponsible, but moderation takes time and effort that some may not have to give. Now, it doesn't have to be pre-approval. It can be retroactive removal of off-topic and spam comments/trackbacks, but it has to be done if you allow comments.

    My perspective is that of a non-Jewish Christian who has done most of his Bible time in the Old Testament over the past three years or so. I don't know that I can fully agree with your "all of God's people should live by the law" point of view, but I do know that Gentile Christianity misses something by pretending that none of it applies today.

  4. Well thank you all for visiting and the discussions you guys have contributed to.

    Google Analytics tells me I get about 70-100 hits per day on this website, so I'm hoping some lurkers will rear their heads here in the comments. :-)

  5. Judah:

    I hear your criticism and feel you, bro. I have a fairly wide readership and the comments were getting out of hand and obnoxious. I was working my blog like a part time job (20 or more hours a week, no exaggerating). And then I had a disgruntled person come on and make personal insults that had nothing to do with the blog. It was nasty.

    So I hear you. I've been thinking about experimenting with turning the comments on again. I will post your comment about no comments and allow people to comment. Check it out today and leave your comment if you like.


  6. Derek,

    Like lnxwalt said, some folks don't have the time necessary to moderate a whole host of comments. I totally sympathize with your situation. You've got a huge family ( and a congregation to run; I can hardly fault you for not wanting to be comment moderator. :-)

    Shabbat shalom.

  7. Just found your blog recently, and so far I like! Keep it up! :-)

  8. JUDAH, let me save you from all these uninformed, misguided, and sadly wrong readers.

    Don't let them get under your skin. They're dummies.

    That's my comment.



  9. Judah~
    Just wanted to say "HEY, I READ YOUR BLOG!". ;) When I found you a couple years ago maybe, I was greatly encouraged...I thought it was just our little family and a couple others on this road...but then the discovery of a completely likeminded brother! Woo Hoo! Thanks for doing what you do. It is greatly encouraging and informative.
    Shalom in Yeshua~

  10. Hi Allison,

    Thanks for stopping by and telling me! I hope you continue to enjoy the blog.



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