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Weekend thought

From a comment to The Torah Is Obsolete and Passing Away?,

"I question, then, why Messiah didn't say such a thing to his followers...something like, 'Hey, stop going to the Temple, I've made the priesthood obsolete, you don't have to keep 95% of God's commandments, you can ignore God's Feasts, never mind about the food stuff, oh, and I've changed the Sabbath to Sunday. Happy Easter.'"

Internet debates are funny that way. :)

Shabbat shalom.

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  1. Happy Easter? You must mean Happy Pagan Day? OY!

    Kinda funny about the Temple stuff too because even the NT says Paul, on the order of James the brother of Yeshua, went to the Temple with the ones who wanted to make a Vow and to show Paul obeyed the Torah or the Kings James says Paul kept the Law. I guess they don't read that section in the church because if they did they would ask questions like, I thought Paul did not keep the Law and said it was done away with. Hummm.



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