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Romans From a Hebrew Perspective

Richard Gibson talks about Paul's New Testament letter to the Romans from a Hebrew perspective:

A few snippets from the teaching:

Despite the most famous chapters of Romans, Romans 9, 10, and 11, many Christians totally miss what's taught about God's ongoing covenant relationship with Israel. Some even manage to shape-shift the meaning so much, they actually get it to say the opposite of what it is saying in the plain and obvious meaning.

Let's think about Paul: was he a good Jew, a bad Jew, or an ex-Jew? The original starting point was that Paul was a bad Jew, or more than likely, he became an ex-Jew, or more specifically, an anti-Torah [Jew], who sat at this dichotomy between Law/grace, works/righteousness, never the twain shall meet. It's also claimed that the weakness/strength theme that runs Romans refers to the Jews being weak and the gentiles as being strong.

Mr. Gibson addresses these points and offers some clarity on what is perhaps Paul's most famous letter. Give it a listen.

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