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Jewish book, gentile eyes

Great quote from Rabbi Scott Sekulow,

The New Testament is a continuation of -- not a departure from or a replacement of -- the Hebrew Scriptures (Torah, Prophets, Writings). It maintains continuity with the prior words of an unchanging God. Did you know that of the 404 verses in the book of Revelation, 278 are direct references to the Old Testament? This is equally true of the rest of the books of the New Testament, where the Old Testament is either quoted or alluded to or where Hebrew concepts are taught.

A fundamental problem which has produced massive Christian misunderstanding of the Bible has been the fact that those who have attempted to interpret it have not done so with the Hebrew mindset and world view with which it was written. We have been reading a Jewish book with Greek, Latin, German, Spanish, African, Chinese or American eyeglasses and, therefore we have a distorted view of biblical reality.

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