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Palestinian TV (video)

Often times when I tell people I support Israel, they respond in sympathy to Palestinians. I do my best to explain to these misled souls that the current Palestinian leadership, Hamas and Fatah groups, do not want peace and don't deserve our sympathy. No friends, groups whose charters call for the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people do not deserve sympathy. One would have thought this lesson to be well ingrained into our minds after the Second World War.

Few understand this crux: the Palestinian leadership doesn't want peace. Really, they don't. No, I'm quite serious, they're not interested, not at all. Let that sink into your mind for a moment: "not interested in peace with Israel".

The best orators of the west can't convince them otherwise, so let's stop foolishly pretending we can be peace barters in this ancient, spiritual conflict.

Here's what the Arab leadership and most of the Middle East does want: Israel destroyed and replaced with an Islamic theocracy called Palestine. Harsh reality, folks.

The Palestinian indoctrination of hatred against Israel and Jews is so deep, so vitriolic, it's almost indescribable, incomprehensible to western minds. The best we can liken it to are Hitler's old Germanic speeches we see on historical documentaries.

Earlier this month such hateful rhetoric was broadcast on public TV through the Palestinian territories:

Poor kids.

Just to reiterate, the folks putting on this fine production are the democratically-elected leaders of the Palestinian autonomous state, the ones we're asking to place nice with Israel. Might as well ask Hitler to visit a synagogue while we're at it.

Hey, here's an idea. Let's take some land from Israel (after all, the nation is so big to begin with!) and give it to these fine peace loving folks! Yes, right smack dab in the middle of Israel! No worries, surely everyone will get along just fine!

Hat tip to LGF.

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  1. I agree completely, Judah.

    Do you know the history of Hitler and the Mufti of Jerusalem? I think if more people were aware of how much influence Hitler had in spreading his hatred of the Jews to the Palestinians and the surrounding nations, they MIGHT begin to see things differently. Modern propaganda is so much like what Hitler used in Germany. It even blatantly copies the images and slogans. It seems to me to be the same evil monster reborn.


  2. interesting thoughts Judah. i like the way you write about it!! I wonder though what your thoughts are when Israel initiates the attacks? I AM NOT SAYING I SUPPORT PALESTINE, but am just curious how it is okay for Israel to attack, but not other nations?

  3. Hey Jeanette, thanks for stopping by and posting.

    Edmund Burke once said, "All that is required for evil to prevail is that good men do nothing."

    I think folks here have a tendency to think whoever starts the fight or whoever kills more civilians is the "bad guy".

    The real question should be, is either side evil? If so, everything should be done to stamp out that evil -- including starting fights, killing supporters, completely wiping out all evil.

    That sounds extreme to our western peacenik minds! But if it weren't true, Nazi Germany would have been the "good guy"; after all, more German civilians died than most other nations' civilians during World War II, yet Nazi Germany is almost universally seen as the "bad guy", why is that?

    A deep truth exists here: neither civilian casualty count nor which nation started a fight affects whether a war is just.

    What does count, then? What counts is whether there is evil in one side. One has to ask, are the Palestinians evil?

    Do you believe the Palestinians are evil, Jeanette? Are the makers of this video evil?

  4. I have to agree that while there may be a few Pal's that want peace, the majority of them want the distruction of Israel and use 'peace' as a guise. I feel that we (the Jews) should never have given up the lands won during the 6-day war. The Pal's will just keep taking.

  5. Very good post Judah, very good. As you know, I could rant for hours and hours about Pallies. I could also prove from Torah that they should either be deported and/or slaughtered, but none of that is very popular or supported by hardly anyone in our Hellenistic, Hedonistic, pacifistic culture.

    Am Yisrael Chai!

  6. i do believe that there are evil forces at work. i honestly couldn't watch the video due to dial-up service (would take 25 minutes!) but can only imagine the hate it spews. if it is remotely like a dvd i saw about terrorism and the Jihad, i know it is bad and evil. I really appreciate your comments and can see your point. thanks for answering.
    i also believe that there has to be some christians there, and hopefully they will take a stand against violence.
    it certainly grieves me at how much the country of Israel has suffered, in Biblical times as well as through to today. I know in the Bible times that it was God's judgement, but the slaughter of innocent people from the holocaust to the Pogroms in Russia, to suicide bombers today is grievious indeed.
    Thanks again for responding. i always appreciate your thoughts on the subject.

  7. Aaron, what do you think about Palestinians who pledge allegiance to Israel? Viable alternative?


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