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How to achieve ultimate blogging success

Jeff Atwood, of the popular Coding Horror blog fame, talks about his success in writing a successful, popular blog. With 100,000 readers per day, his blog generates enough revenue from subtle advertisements to nearly be a self-sustaining profession by itself.

Jeff writes,

I'm just trying to share my easy one step plan to achieve Ultimate Blog Success: find a posting schedule you can live with, and stick to it for a year. Probably several years. Okay, so maybe that one step is really not quite so easy as I made it out to be. But everyone has to start somewhere, and the sooner the better.

So when was the last time you wrote a blog post?

I would like to blog more often, but one hindrance is that I'm too thinly spread. I'm working a lot of overtime at my main job, I'm learning the Ruby programming language, Hebrew, I'm improving in my guitar playing, the Windows Presentation Foundation technology, and I'm working on my own XNA game programming engine. I also maintain several personal applications I've wrote: one to help me clean spam from an online forum I moderate, another to monitor online radio stations for my favorite music, among other things. I'm also entertaining the idea of starting a software development-related blog. Combine these things with the fact I have both a wife, a son, and family life, it leaves little time to blog.

In the end, I realize I cannot continue all things at once; I'm too thinly spread to be a blogger who writes 5 posts a week. (Or at least, I cannot be a blogger who writes thoughful, original posts 5 days a week.)

I've decided that I want to keep both my music and language learning: Hebrew and guitar are both staying. I am going to suspend learning the Ruby language at this time. This will give me more time to blog and also open up the opportunity for a software development-related blog in the near future.

To follow Jeff's blogging advice, here is my schedule and I'm sticking to it: 2 blog posts a week.

Shalom, and thanks to you few loyal readers who come to visit despite my sporadic postings. :-)

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  1. I'm glad that you are going to continue blogging. I learn a lot here and I can't say that about many other blog sites.



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