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Radical Islam teaming up with KKK (video)

Via Little Green Footballs:

Politics sure does make make strange bedfellows. Former Ku Klux Klan Imperial Wizard and well-known Jew-hating racist American David Duke is buddying up with Adolf Hitler wanna-be, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, now both in Tehran, Iran for an "anti-Zionist" rally.

David Duke was interviewed last night on CNN, see the video below. I love how Duke bumbles around like a headless chicken when asked the question, "If the Zionist conspiracy controls the media, how come we're letting you on TV right now?"

Given the KKK's past brilliance in choosing allies, which includes the German Nazi Party during the 1930s and '40s, combined with their hateful, evil motives, I find this new alliance between American white southern racists and radical Islamic theocrats quite befitting!


  1. What is the difference between Nazi Germans, KKK Americans and Zionist Israelis?

    They all want a pure race state.

    Per international law, all refugees have a human right to return to their lands. At no time in modern history has it been legal to kick natives off their land so you may replace them with your own peoples or race, that is genocide per the dictionary.

  2. I assume when you say, "the difference between", you meant to say, "what they have in common".

    I don't live in Israel right now, so I cannot speak first hand of any racism in Israel.

    I do know of a few stories and statistics that might contribute to the conversation. A majority of Israelis want the creation of a Palestinian state. Not out of hatred for other races, but out of fear that the growing Arab populace would soon control the Israeli government, which probably wouldn't be good for Israelis.

    I am aware of much religious intolerance in Israel. Some Jewish friends living in Israel are being threatened with deportation, I've been told recently, because they believe that Jesus is Messiah. It's kind of strange though: the ultra orthodox Jews in Israel allow occultic religions, zodiac-based religions, Buddhist Jews, secular Jews, to name a few. But you're not allowed to be a Jewish believer in Jesus.

    As far as kicking people off their land, that's what Palestinians have done to Israelis, since the land has been the only Jewish homeland for 3000 some years.

  3. When did the Palestinians ever kick the Jews off Palestine? For centuries Jewish Semites and Muslim Semites have lived in Palestine peacefully. They are all Semites. It was not until the late 1890's and early 1900s that Zionism was created and sought to create a race/religious based state. Even the British and the UN who set up Israel in the 1940's said that Israel was not allowed to kick any Palestinian off the land and had to respect all native peoples rights (that was 7 million refugees ago, Palestinians are the largest refugee population in the World). Did you know Iran has the largest population of Jews outside of Israel in the Middle East? The propaganda and ignorance in America really is amazing.

    Might I ask where the Palestinian people’s homeland is? As they have also lived there for 3000 years. This homeland excuse is only an excuse. Does that mean I can go to the house I was born in and kick the inhabitants out? Or maybe my great great great grandchilren can do that in 100 years? Can the Indians then kick you off your land since it is their homeland? We are a nation of laws and an International community of laws.

    I guess you then believe that white America should limit Latinos because soon USA will be mainly Latino? Should America be dominated by white people at all costs?

    Supporting a racist state goes against everything modern America stands for, not sure how you can excuse a genocide because of something that you say happened 3000 years ago. All Semite people should live together in Israel; I could care less who is a majority race. Only racist people care that the majority race is. When did the Palestinians ever kick the Jews off Palestine? For centuries Jewish Semites and Muslim Semites have lived in Palestine peacefully. They are all Semites. It was not until the late 1890's and early 1900s that Zionism was created and sought to create a race/religious based state. Even the British and the UN who set up Israel said that Israel was not allowed to kick any Palestinian off the land and had to respect all native peoples rights (that was 7 million refugees ago, Palestinians are the largest refugee population in the World. Just a bit more facts for you, Iran has the largest population of Jews outside of Israel in the Middle East.

    Might I ask where the Palestinian people’s homeland is as they have lived there for 3000 years also? This homeland excuse is only an excuse. Can the Indians then kick you off your land since it is their homeland that you invaded 400 years ago?

    I guess you then believe that white America should limit Latinos because soon USA will be mainly Latino? Should America have laws to ensure USA is dominated by white people at all costs?

    Supporting a racist state goes against everything modern America stands for, not sure how you can excuse a genocide because of something that you say happened 3000 years ago. All Semite people should live together in Israel as they did before Zionism; I could care less who is a majority race. Only racist people care who the majority race is.

    How can you say what Hitler did was wrong, if you cannot also call what Zionist Israel is doing wrong? Zionism is an racial ideology just like Nazism that seeks to create a pure race state.

  4. I have really been learning a lot about Israel the last 5 years. I moved to a new city and had 2 Jewish roommates and now 80% of my friends are Jewish. Israel does a neat poll each year of all adult citizens.

    In 2006, the Israeli Democracy Index poll found that 79% of Jewish Israelis want all the Arab Israelis removed from the land.

    Could you imagine if 79% of White Americans wanted all Jewish, black and Latino people removed from this land? That is crazy.

    I just can’t believe that America supports this. I mean I know we support all the dictators in the Middle East (Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt ect..) but this is even worse.

    I tried to think of ONE instance in history when people were chased off their land so another people could take control and could not think of one, unless they were GENOCIDES.

    Do you think it is ethically/morally right to support a state where the ideology states that one race will control everything, instead of one that allows all the people to live on that land, vote and be represented regardless of race or religion? Why does it matter if there are less Jewish Semites then Muslim or Christian Semites in Israel? Why won’t Israel let all the refugees back to their homes that fled during the 1948 war?

    I think what you are referring to when you say “Jews were kicked off the land” was during the Diasporas; when the Egypt Babylonians kicked them off and then the Romans kicked them off. Palestinians never did, heck Palestinians were all Jews, Christians and Muslims until Zionism came about in 1878 and created a racist ideology that wanted to separate the people and created another Diaspora or genocide.

    I even learned from Larry King on CNN that the term "anti-Semite" is a propaganda term used by Zionists or usually Americans that have been taught a wrong definition because ALL Arabs ARE Semites. You have Jewish Semites, Muslim Semites and Christian Semites. A Semite is any person from the Middle East that speaks an Arabic language.

    Now I am coming to realize that Zionism needs to be ended just like the racist Nazi ideology was ended. We need to remove the Zionist Ideology from Israel and let all the people live together; Jew, Muslim, Christian alike. I don’t care if there are less Jewish people. Did you know that the oldest Jewish tribe lives in Iraq but now with the chaos in Iraq they are being forced to flee? For 2000 years they lived in Iraq until our invasion.

    I even found out that for over 70 years the Palestinians lived with occupation and the ghettos they must live in before they became so fed up, that they reverted to suicide bombings in 1994!!! Only 1994! Per the Encyclopedia Wikipedia “This occurred, after Goldstein, a Brooklyn-born Israeli settler who, dressed in his military uniform, entered Hebron's Ibrahimi mosque during Ramadan in 1994 and killed 29 Palestinian worshipers before he was beaten to death with a fire extinguisher. Israel's response was to put the Palestinians of Hebron, but not the Israeli settlers, under total curfew. After the 40-day mourning period, the first Palestinian suicide bomber blew himself up inside Israel.” Just think after 70+ years of invasion, genocide and racism did one Palestinian finally turn to this desperate act.

    I do not see how American is supporting such a racist Ideology that seperates races and wants a pure race state for Jews. Nazism is wrong and so is Zionsim or the American KKK racist lunatics.

    Why do we support Dictators and Racist Ideologies in the Middle East? I would be pissed if someone kept a Dictator in power in America or forced me to flee my land because of a racist Ideology. This is crazy immoral/unethical stuff that we just blindly seem to support!

  5. When there's a matter of difference of opinion, we can debate. When we can't agree on facts, however, I'm at a loss of what to do.

    When have Palestinians kicked Jews off of their land, you ask? Just a few months ago, 9000 Jews kicked out of their homes in Gush Katif.

    Palestinians haven't lived there for 3000 years, heheh. Please research that, no person honestly makes that claim having first done research. Like the term "Wiccan", "Palestinian" sounds ancient but is actually a recent invention. "Palestinians" didn't come into existence until about 1929, when many Jordanian refugees, political prisoners, and outlaws left Jordan and settled in Israel. And that people group *never* wanted a state of their own until Yassir Arafat thought up a brilliant idea: let's kill Israelis until they give up land. We'll justify it by saying we want that land for our own state.

    Palestinian homeland, you ask? Oh, how about any of the 23 Islamic Arab theocracies in existence?

  6. The 8000 Israelis were kicked out of Gush Katif in Aug 2005 by the Israeli Government because it was an illegal settlement per international law. FACT.

    During the same time that Gush Katif was closed, 12,000 new Israeli settlers settled illegally in the West Bank. Fact.

    ALL Israeli settlements are illegal per International Law. Fact.

    Per the Israeli Gov, over 40% of all illegal Israeli settlements are built on private Palestinian land. Fact.

    You are right, I should not have said Palestinians lived there for 3000 years, rather Muslim, Christian and Jewish Semites have lived there for thousands of years. Furthermore, the Jews that are moving there today, due to a race based system, have never even lived there in their entire lives. They have no more claims then any human who has lived there throughout time.

    You seem to separate people by race and religion. THAT is racist. FACT.

    Why do you not wish for all these people to live in one state like people do everywhere else? Why do you insist on creating racist states? IS that American, moral or ethical?

    According to Sir James Frazer, the majority of Palestinian Arabs are descendants of the ancient Jebusites and Canaanites:

    "The Arabic-speaking peasants of Palestine are the progeny of the tribes which settled in the country before the Israelite invasion. They are still adhering to the land. They never left it and were never uprooted from it. Archaeological and genetic data support that both Jews and Palestinians came from the ancient Canaanites, who extensively mixed with Egyptians, Mesopotamian and Anatolian peoples in ancient times."

    The British census of 1922 counted 752,048 in Palestine, comprising 589,177 Muslims, 83,790 Jews, 71,464 Christians.

    During the ancient bible period, this region was referred to as Canaan and was the home of several small nations such as the Chanaanites, the Hethites, the Amorrhites, the Pherezites, the Hevites and the Jebusites, who lived in the ancient cities of Jericho, Megiddo, Sidon and others. Later, most of this region was conquered from these small nations by the Hebrews who settled in the region and divided it among the 12 Israelite tribes, who later were merged into one united Kingdom of Israel.

    Holy smokes, you mean there were people living there before the Jews came in and kicked them off the land thousands of years ago. Homeland? Just an excuse to espouse hatred and racism in my opinion.

    Palestine derives from the word Philistine and is found in the Bible from thousands of years ago, NOT since 1927.

    FACTS please. Not religious intolerance laced with blatant evil racism.

    Can all Palestinian refugees return to Israel like all other human refugees are allowed to do per International Law?

  7. We can argue about international law and disputed territories, but that is another thing entirely. You asked for an example where Jews were kicked out of their homes, and I gave you one.

    You made a point about Ammonites, Caananites, and Hevites, and other ancient semites living in or around what is now Israel, before Israel came into existence some 3000 years ago. Yes, you're right, those people lived in or around the area that is now Israel. Problem is, those people don't exist today.

    Generally, modern Palestinians are Arab. Arabs are Ishmaelites. There is no legitimate Palestinian claim, frankly, to Israel. Still, Israel not only allows Palestinians to live in its land and serve in its government, but Israel is even offering a Palestinian, self-governed state.

    Israel, being the only Jewish state in the world, wants to be governed by Jewish people. Having gentile Christians or Islamic Arabs govern Israel isn't in the best interest of the Jewish people. But it's not as if Palestinians don't have representation in the Israeli government: IIRC, there are 3 Palestinian MKs in Knesset. As far as I'm aware, there isn't any law preventing Palestinians from running for office either.

    So what, exactly, are you complaining about? Israel is giving both land and a self-governed state to Palestinians, in addition to current Palestinian representation in Knesset. What's the problem?

  8. You gave me an example of when JEWS kicked Jews out of illegal settlements on other people’s property. Not Palestinians.

    Israel is only allowing a few Palestinians inside Israel while it forces the others to live in ghettos outside Israel. This is to ensure a race/religious based dominance. That is morally and ethically wrong.

    What about the right of return for the 7 million or so Palestinians refugees. Can they come back to their homes in Israel like every other refugee is allowed around the world, or would this jeopardize the genocide and racist dreams of Zionists for a pure race state?

    Oh I see, international law only applies to Arabs not Jews. Makes sense to me. hehehe.

    The problem is you are violating human rights in order to ensure dominance by a given race or religion of a given territory. This is no different then Nazi Germany, Rawanda, Darfur... THey all have racial purity goals as an ideology. To bad you cannot seem to love all humans regardless of their religion or race. Who would Jesus stand up for? The poor, the oppressed, the Palestinians.

    I'm sure Jesus would condemn the Zionist racist policy just like Mandela and Gandhi did/do. Only racist seek to create two states instead of all living in 1 State. Religion is a personal issue not a government issue. Who cares what race or religion makes up the government. No one can take your religion from you.

    Best interest of Jews? They are human just like every other human. What interests are different? Food, shelter and clothing.

    I find a lot of similarities in the Christian support of Zionism as the strong German Christian support of Nazism or the strong Southern American Christian support of slavery in USA or telling women they are property. Zionism is simply another racist ideology supported by the American Christian church that one day will be looked back on in horror. You will not find many black or Latino Christians who support Zionism. Really only white Christians.

  9. That's not being intellectually honest, now. 9000 Jews and their homes were destroyed not because of intent of other Jews, but at the behest of the Palestinian leadership and it's insatiable desire for more of Israel's land.

    7 million Palestinian refugees - I disagree it was their land to begin with, so of course I disagree they have a right to return; there is no such right. The land Israel has now was won during a war, just as every other nation existing on earth has received their land. So practically speaking, the Israeli government owns it. Historically speaking, it is the only homeland of Jews. Arabs have 23 Islamic theocracies from which to choose from. Jews have only 1 Jewish state, both historically and modernly.

    You bring up your straw man argument of slavery in the United States, allow me to set him on fire for you. You conveniently forget that it was Christians, including a white Christian Republican President in Abraham Lincoln that waged a costly war against the evils of the southern confederacy. (p.s. did you know it was secular, so-called Enlightened Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries that pushed for the acceptance of slavery?)

    Zionism isn't racism. Support for Israel is based in Christian's love of Jews, the race the brought out the promises of Abraham, the prophets, not to mention our Jewish Messiah -- Jesus the Messiah! -- and our our common Judeo-Christian value system. We share with Jews more with than any other religion, sorry you don't like that friendship. Perhaps it's because you're an Arab yourself? Regardless, I suspect you have political, rather than reason-based, motives for your hatred of Zionism.

    What will be looked back on in horror is how some people on the political left and its allies in secular humanism and radical Islam all supported the Palestinian government of Hamas, which advocates the destruction of Israel and it's people, suppression of women's rights, and violence against all religions but Islam. It's not like that's some hidden fact, either; go to Hamas' website, the English version will plainly tell you that's the stated goal of Hamas. Destroying Israel and all the Jewish people in Israel. Heh. Now that's racist, that's genocidal.

    What a morally confused world you live in, my friend.

  10. Friend, I do not support any racist behavior whether it is Jewish or Muslim. We should not support racist Hamas Palestinians or racist Zionist Israelis, we SHOULD support those who want to live together in 1 country with equal rights regardless of race or religion. I maintain my morals towards all humans; it is others who have racist morals that support division and hate of humans.

    The 7 million Palestine refugee number came from United Nations, the says 4 million Palestine refugees. You choose.

    I'm not Arab or Muslim.

    I did not say the Union Christians did I? I said the Southern Confederate Christians had slavery. There is variation in every religion, some Christians still hate blacks, Muslims, jews, ect.... Hate is Hate. To say Christianity is not spread by the sword is wrong; just ask the South Americans or the American Indians or the Kings and Priests who forced other Europeans to be Christians.

    Also, Abraham Lincoln was NOT a Christian. Please read up on him. He despised religion and was even called an infidel and unbeliever while running for office by conservative Christians at the time.

    Difference between GENOCIDE AND WAR: California and the entire SW USA was ceded to USA after the Mexican-American war in Texas. 99.99999% of Mexican Natives were not killed and chased out of America, only the "Mexican Government" was removed from controlling the territory we stole. The invading and occupying Americans were required to assimilate/adopt these native Mexicans as Americans and they must keep all rights to any land or property they own.

    Furthermore, NO WHERE in modern day history will you EVER find an occupier that has forcibly removed or chased out the existing population from that territory, except in genocides (or 1 other place some refuse to open their eyes to). Pretty frustrating!!

    All invaders/occupiers WANT the native population to continue to work the land and live so they pay taxes to the state and help the state grow. Only in genocides do the invaders wish to replace or kill the native population in order to place THEIR race on the land!


    Actually, Christians and Muslims are the most similar as they both believe in Jesus, THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT; whereas, Jews do not believe in Jesus at all. In fact, my Jewish friends laugh that Christians follow some guy named Jesus, he is just a criminal to them who claimed to be a God, a joke, I dont know if this is true but one friend who went to Israel said there is a whorehouse in Israel named Mother Mary's, PROSTITUTION IS LEGAL in Israel. One of my Jewish friends moved to Missouri and they had a hard time finding a house since they would turn around and just leave if they saw crosses and Jesus stuff in the house, would not even consider it. My few Muslim friends rarely have cross words about Christians except that Christians don’t really know anything about Islam, they say Christians make the same types of statements that Atheists make about the Christian Bible being ridiculous or weird or taking things out of context. I only have two Muslim friends though, one from the dog park, one is receptionist.

    Intellectual honesty? The Israeli Gov. removed Jews from Palestinian land per International Law and the illegality of the settlements per Israeli law. But I guess you don’t like laws so you blame another. Not very honest.

    Please remember this: God is not a Christian and God does not have your enemies. God was here before the Christian Ideology and God loves the meekest, weakest, poorest and most oppressed humans. God is also not an American, Capitalist or supporter of Democracy. Nor does God write or speak English, or ever proclaimed his name to be the letters “GOD”. All of these things are proclaimed by hateful humans with their own personal agendas, chasing false idols while justify the slaughter of others in its name. These are Facts.

    Slavery, is supported and allowed by the Bible, Jews, Christrians and Muslims have always had slaves. Please read it, Leviticus 25:44-46. It was not until seculars and liberal Christians started protesting this abuse. The conservative Christians hated this and even hated it more when whites could marry blacks. Abomination! Why do you think NE USA is called Liberal.

  11. You said, "Friend, I do not support any racist behavior whether it is Jewish or Muslim."

    Neither do I. The difference between us is you seem to think all Zionists are racists. Zionism is about getting Jews back to their homeland, at least for myself, as a Jew who loves Israel.

    Now, we disagree about whether Palestinians have a place in Israel. Frankly, if there were no horrific suicide bombings in Israel by Palestinians, and if there were no terrorist organization running the Palestinian government. But the evidence is empirical: Israel is hit almost weekly with suicide bombing attacks, and Hamas runs the Palestinian government. Yet you criticize Israel and people who support it.

    I am not for killing innocent Palestinians. But certain Palestinians are for killing innocent Israelis. That's the difference.

    You made some general statements about Christianity, Islam, and Judaism that are completely false. But, I'm accustomed to such words from those who have no understanding of such things.

    You said Christians and Muslims are most similar, because they both believe in Jesus. I had to chuckle at that one, sad as the deep running misconception is. Simply put, Muslims do not believe that Jesus is God; they are not like Christians at all. Generally, Jews don't believe Jesus is God, either, but that's not what the two groups share.

    Christians and Jews share the most in common, and that is why you see Christians supporting Israel, and also why you see Jews such as Denis Prager, or Rabbi Shmuley and others befriending Christians. And even more, why you see Jews like myself who have found their Jewish Messiah. What we share is the common value system you apparently have contempt for: the Judeo-Christian value system, rooted in the Scriptures Jews and Christians share.

    You also said Jews do not believe in Jesus. Again, false, and I myself and empirical evidence at this, as is the Messianic Jews in the US, Israel, and around the world. Even the statement that Jews don't believe in Jesus at all is false -- Jesus is talked about in the Talmud. Generally, Jews don't believe he's the Messiah. But as I stated in response to your post in the Hanukkah post, Jesus clearly is the Messiah of not only Judaism, but of the whole world.

    The great thing we share is the common value system, and that is why you see the two religions befriending each other. Of course there are exceptions, some people on either side might not share, but generally, it is there, and is why you see Christians supporting Jews politically and spiritually.

    You asked me to name one state that removed the previous population. The United States: we basically eradicated all but a few native Americans. Spain did the same thing to the Incas and Mayans in what is now Mexico. But if I go far back enough, every state in Europe ousted the previous population, or alternately, assimilated them by removing their culture and religion and forcing them to become Romans, Greeks, Assyrians, or what have you.

    My friend, I understand your motivation to give human rights to everyone, to not hurt anyone, to not-offend the whole world, as the secular humanistic enlightened world tries to continually do. It's generally a good cause: generally, war is bad, killing people is bad, denying people of rights is usually bad too. The point you mustn't cross, however, is declaring rights when there are none. Palestinians do not have a "right" to the land of Israel, just as a stranger does not have a right to someone else's home.

    However, we still keep our doors opened. Arabs in Israel are first-class citizens, we have Arabs in our congress, and completely Arab towns in our country. We let them put up Mosques and let them worship freely. If they want, we're letting them setup their own country inside our country -- how many nations do you know of that do this?!

    The only problem we Zionists have is the fact that some Palestinians want to kill us. :-) I mean, out of religious intolerance and hatred of Jews, they want to kill us. Literally. That's a problem we have to deal with by killing or jailing them before they kill us. Not all Palestinians, of course not, just the ones that want to kill us.

    As far as Lincoln is concerned, secular humanists have long sought to rewrite history and link him to atheism. But the truth remains. Regarding Israel's prostitution, it's becoming bad in places, yep. Occultism, women selling their bodies, men delving into homosexuality and selling themselves as's getting worse. Most of all, the elite religious ultra Orthodox in the country allow all this, except they don't allow belief in Jesus.

    Ironic as that is, I find it quite telling that they'll allow every evil and detestable thing, yet reject the Messiah. But I've no doubt this is temporary, see Paul's letters. Regarding slavery and who abolished friend, you are mistaken. We have papers from leading European Enlightenment "thinkers" who's writings plea for the keeping of slavery. Thomas Sowell put it well, Nothing could be more jolting and discordant with the vision of today's intellectuals than the fact that it was businessmen, devout religious leaders and Western imperialists who together destroyed slavery around the world. And if it doesn't fit their vision, it is the same to them as if it never happened.

    Regarding slavery being allowed in the the Bible and Qur'an, "slavery" then didn't carry the same connotations as slavery in the US during the 19th century. If you couldn't afford land of your own or didn't have inheritance, you worked for somebody. A servant in the vineyards, or you served on the farms. Frankly, it was more like the employer/employee system we have today than the 1800s version of slavery.

    What was wrong with slavery was the human rights violations going on by denying humans of living on their own, the physical abuse of those people.

    NE USA is liberal because they're sliding into immorality, relative moralism, and denial of God. Go to a college campus up there, you'll see almost everyone hates God and hates anyone that loves God. They've fallen into the trap of secular humanism and its ultimate goal of placing humans before God.

    That isn't to say liberal views are all wrong. I appreciate the cherishing of human rights you espouse. I appreciate your caution to engage in wars.

    I think the place the left-of-center folks go wrong is on the confrontation of evil, or even the acknowledgment of evil. As a Jew, liberals were formerly one of our best allies. But you guys are now faulting us for defending ourselves against the radical Islamic death dealers that attack us continually. I know that if they over come us, they will certainly focus their efforts on you "infidels" in the West. It is at that time you'll wish you'd taken a different stance on this issue.


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