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Epistles of Paul updated

I really enjoy transcribing Paul's letters into modern English, putting them in blog form for easy reading. Not only is it a learning experience for me, but it's also eye-opening to see what Paul is trying to say in modern language. Things get dull and lost when you're using words that don't make sense or aren't used anymore. Frankly, using words like "Thee", "Thou", "art" and other deprecated language seems silly to me, since neither Paul used these words (modern English didn't even exist yet!), nor does anyone use these words in modern lingo.

I use The Message translation as a basis, then compare it with the NIV, New American Standard Version, and some literal translations. Coupled together, it brings an interesting result. I've just posted the 11th part of Paul's letter to the believers in Rome. This is one of Paul's best letters, and chapter 11, I think, is a masterpiece. It's also rather controversial when taken literally; preemptively shooting down all kinds of modern Christian replacement theology doctrines, I love it! Go check it out: Paul, Modernly Speaking.


  1. Hopefully you also understand that Jesus was not a Christian.

    Jesus has no clue what Christianity is and he would run the other way in horror if he saw idiot humans wearing a torture and killing device with a graven image around their necks. Such foolishness. (I wonder, if Jesus was executed today along with the other common criminals, would people then wear an electric chair around their necks!)

    Jesus would also laugh his head off seeing people parade around a pagan tree, buying material items and saying Jesus birthday was Dec 25th. Pretty Funny stuff.

  2. If anything, Jesus was a zealous, Torah-observant Jewish rabbi, born out of the tribe of Judah, raised in teachings of Torah, brought up in the Temple in Jerusalem. He was also the only person ever to live who kept all of the Torah. That's something quite contrary to the way most of modern Christianity lives!

    I think the graven image thing is maybe missing the original point of that particular law (which was to stop people from making idols), but, I respect your belief there.

    Interesting analogy on the electric chair, thanks! Heheh, that's a funny thought.

    I know, it is rather sad that followers of Jesus don't actually keep the Biblical holidays Jesus himself celebrated (Passover, Unleavened Break, etc.) and instead keep man-made holidays with pagan roots, which have now become thoroughly commercialized. I just posted about this the other day, see my blog post about the Christmas and Dec 25th.

  3. Just wondering why you did not allow the post to stay regarding Israel and the racist ideology of that state?

    Yea, I did just see your post on Xmas. Good job.

  4. I haven't deleted any posts. Perhaps your browser isn't refreshing the page?

    Regarding what you said, I'll reply to it in that post.

    Thanks for stopping by and posting.


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