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Frist Psot!

That's "first post" in Slashdot speak. This is the first post from Microsoft's free blogging tool, Windows Live Writer.

So far, I'm liking it. Here's a screenshot of the interface:


Pretty nifty. It's got some cool and easy-to-use image effects you can apply to images. For example here's an embossed image with shadowed border:



Other cool things too, like click to add a map. I've been a big fan of Google Maps, but Microsoft's Virtual Earth maps are winning me over. Here's a map of my house (the ugly orange one ;-p), feel free to click the map for a live, draggable, birds-eye-view of the map:




Plus, it's got nice little utilities for doing formatted text, spell checking, lots of other stuff. And using a real program, rather than some half-baked web interface, to publish blog posts just rocks. It just feels better. Sweet stuff, dah da dum dah da I'm lovin' it.

Oh, and the new style sheets used by the app were generated using another cool free tool, Microsoft Expression Web Designer. Great stuff, cool tools. It's one of those few times when software actually works together and seems enjoyable to use. Woo. ;-p


*edit* lol. Really. Laughing out loud. It is ironic that Microsoft's free blogging tool spell checks your post, only to find false positives like "blogging", "screenshot", and "draggable" as mispeld wurds. In a blogging tool. Doh. That's Microsoft for ya. Oh well, I still love the tools.


  1. Yay, cool! That's the first time i've been able to see an aerial view of my house! Unfortunately, it doesn't get quite as close to my house as it does for yours, but i'm happy all the same.

  2. Ash, care to post a link to the birds eye view of your house?

  3. Alrighty, here we go:

    That's as close as it'll let me zoom so things aren't too clear, but my house is the one on the far left of St. Mary's Green (the horizontal one, the neighbour to the left of us is on Borough Walk) Now that I think about it, it's a little funny to have a next door neighbour who's technically on a different street, heh. Things look pretty yellow, so I guess this was taken in the middle of a heatwave when the grass wasn't doing so well.

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  5. Hey, Judah, I thought you would be interested in this post

    As a Jew, he (Sam Rotman) was brought up to say prayers in Hebrew and obey the Jewish laws etc. He became a Christian, and now travels the world giving concerts and sharing his testimony.

    You might find the entire site very interesting:

  6. Vasile

    Thanks for visiting and posting. I am familiar with AiG, it is an excellent site. I've found a lot of material on that site to be helpful and interesting. I wasn't aware Sam Rotman is Jewish. Cool!

    I'd like to mention before I end, praying in Hebrew or obeying "Jewish" laws is not at all foreign to our faith. Let's not forget that the Messiah, the center of our faith, both spoke Hebrew, prayed in Hebrew, and kept all of the so-called "Jewish" laws. In reality--assuming we're talking about the Law in Scripture, not the Talmud--they are not Jewish laws, but are God's commands, each sane and holy as Paul mentions in Romans.

    Thanks again for stopping by Vasile.

  7. ash, I can't tell what is a house and what is grass in your aerial view, but it's cool nonetheless!

    sub_reb, I have to confess I forgot about your blog for a bit. I've been spamming ash's blog so here I am to take over yours! Just kidding.

    uh-oh, the visual verification isn't loading in my window. how will I ever spam your comments now?? Thwarted by microsoft IE!!

    (5 minutes later...) Yay!! It finally works.

  8. Hey Michelle

    I figured you did; hadn't seen a post from you in a long time. :-) Nice to have you back.

    And congrats again on getting married!

  9. That's a nice neighbourhood you live in, Judah.


  10. Thanks Nish. It is pretty nice. A little too close to our neighbors; my wife and I would like to move out into the country at some point. It works for now, though. :)

  11. Actually I came by your blog from Wesner Moise blog. Do you know him ?

    Another interesting site I came bye, but of course you might know the person, is this: Michael L. Brown. Dr. Michael L. Brown a Jewish believer in Jesus and former leader in the Brownsville Revival shares about his ministry. He has an amazing testimony here:

    I like these kind of people.

    As about the jewish language or prayers, I have absolutely nothing agains, actually, I would like to know jewish language, and to read the Old Testament in it.

  12. Vasile, thanks for stopping by again.

    I don't know Wesner personally; I've been visiting his blog for some time and we know of each other through that.

    Regarding Dr. Michael Brown, yes, I am familiar with him. I wrote a blog post showing a video one of his lectures at the University of Southern California. You can read that blog post here.

  13. unllike Google, VE is only for US.


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