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Dumbest. Movie. Title. Evaaar.

Some movies, such as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, lure you in with their ambiguous titles, leaving the plot to the viewer's imagination, piquing his or her interest.

Others, like this upcoming film starring Samuel L. Jackson, take the opposite approach. This movie's title makes it perfectly clear what it is about. No nonsense, no ambiguity, just snakes -- Snakes on a plane!

Some choice quotes from the film:

"Can you please confirm or deny if there are snakes on this plane?"

"Why are all these snakes on this plane?"

"Did smugglers for the illegal pet trade forget to close the lid on their box of snakes on this plane?"

"I'm gettin' real sick and tired of all these snakes...on this plane!"

"How did all these snakes get on this [bleep] [bleeping] plane?!"

It is apparent Hollywood's ground-shaking imagination and creativity has not let up in the least. I can't wait for the sequel, and the sequel to the sequel--may I be so bold as to ask for Snakes on a Plane IV? Oh yes, the excitement is in the air now. I can hardly contain myself; I must immediately go to my local theatre and spend my weekly wage to go watch this epic summer blockbuster. I wonder what it's about....



  1. Maybe I'm just a sucker for Internet hype, but I can't wait to see this one either .. tomorrow will be the day, and I'm sure it will rule!

  2. When I first heard the title for this film, I laughed hysterically for a few minutes.

    I'm not going to see it, i don't really see how they can stretch the whole concept long enough for it not to drag on. Eh, it'll be on DVD in a few weeks, anyway. I'm sure one of my friends will buy it, and i'll se it then.

  3. That was a sarcastic about being anxious to see this movie; I have no real desire to see this movie at all. I don't know if it's good or bad, but the dumb-ness-ity of the title scares me away. Run!

  4. According to Slate it was a good movie. I'm not going to throw my money at it to find out

  5. I've heard mixed reviews. Like you, I won't be throwing my money at it to find out. The title is enough to scare me away. :-p


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