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Pictures of the house

Hi folks. Hope you all had a good holiday & a happy new year's celebration.

I've finally uploaded, organized, and tagged some pictures I took of our new house. Hope you enjoy: click here to view them all, or see below for a couple of shots.

Front of the house showing the right half with garage.

Front of the house showing the left half.

Living room with some newly purchased furniture on the left.

Entry way, from the top level.

Connor's room, minus the messy floor. :-)


Our master bedroom, dresser & TV shown.

Master bed closet.

Raiden on strut F, first level, with secret stealth Krishna sneaking suit. [thought I'd throw one in for you MGS fans, hi Ash & Michelle]


  1. Happy New Year, Judah and Family! Your house looks great! I can't wait till I get one of my own. I think I'll call you Raiden from now on. Oh, and nice hair (I couldn't resist).

  2. Thanks Michelle, happy new year to you too.

    My hair = disaster right now. I need to get it cut badly. :-)

  3. It looks good long. But not Raiden-long. That might be kinda scary.

  4. Ah, good to know you can still handle jumping on top of the harrier while on the connecting bridge!
    Fancy-looking house there! Must be a nice place to live. I'd say something about the hair, but i'm waiting for the day mine does anything other than irritate me.
    And yeah, happy new year to all ^_^

  5. "i'm waiting for the day mine does anything other than irritate me."


    Happy new year, Ash.

  6. Hi

    sorry for OT post ,please take a look,try it nd let me know

  7. Oh nice house!! I really like the way it looks from the outside. Is it a split level??? Looked like it.

    Blessings in the new year.


  8. Hi Katie

    Thanks for stopping by. :-) Glad you liked the house. Yeah, it is a split level. If you follow the link, there are more pictures which give away it's split-level-ness (I love making up words :-))

    God bless.

  9. Nice house i must say..
    congrats =)


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