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Connor's Christmas Spectacular!

Google Video -- a great free service that allows you to publish your digital videos online -- just finished verifying our Christmas morning 2005 video of Connor opening his holiday gifts. You can watch part 1 on Google here (larger, but pixelated version) or view the smaller video below.

We wanted to capture his excitement as he comes out of his room and discovers all the presents. :-) Enjoy the video!

By the way, all those paper bags with pictures on them were meticulously hand-drawn by Kristin the previous night. :-) We (actually, she, I was busy being lazy & sick) filled each bag with a couple Pokemon characters, making for a few hundred or so pokemon figurines. Connor's been in the pokemon craze for some time now, it was definitely a good gift pick.

Oh, and a 2-week-late happy new year's and holidays to you all. Part 2 is coming in a day or two, so stop back again soon.


  1. Nice to have a little insight into your christmas! I'm jealous that you got snow, I don't think we've had a white christmas for something stupid like 50 years. I've never seen one anyway, boo!
    So hey, Connor's a pokemon fan, huh? I'm into the games myself, so i found myself naming all the ones I saw, heh. I hope you got Connor a Psyduck, they rule!
    Anyways, looking forward to part 2!

  2. Oh yeah, I'm sure he's got Psyduck.

    You know, that pokemon board game is actually pretty fun too. I never cared for anything Pokemon, Digimon, etc. but there is some fun stuff.


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