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It Is Finished

That's one Jesus quote I could use. Another is "Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani!", because, you know, my body aches so bad after 3 straight days of box lifting, furniture moving, cabinet hauling, packing, packing boxes into cars, vans, and trailers in several inches of snow, in 20° F weather, that I feel like I've been crucified. Ok... it's nothing like crucifixion I'm sure, and God hasn't forsaken me. But yeah, I'm not feeling all that perky this morning.

Bodily woe aside, I'm happy we've finally moved into our house. And I'm very thankful to God for providing all the means & making this happen: meeting the right people (at a Bible study no less), finding the financing, even finding the house, God is my provider, Yahweh Yireh. (Of course, it doesn't just stop at my house: my car, my wife & family, my job. God has been really good to me.)

From Friday morning until Sunday night we were moving out of our old place and into our first home. It would've taken much, much longer if it weren't for a little help from my friends, to quote the Beatles. (Wow, I'm really in a quoting kind of mood today.) Mom, Dad, Paul, Sue, Jesse, Aaron, Michaela, Samantha, & Britt, thanks guys so much for the help. I'd still be bearing my heavy cross -- err, heavy box(es) -- if it weren't for your help. Thanks guys, you rock.


  1. I doubt Sam lifted anything.
    All she really did is stand around, while missing her scheduled work at IGA in Prescott, and that is why she was almost fired. Sam is stupid, and I doubt you will enjoy living with her.

  2. She won't be staying with us for very long. I hear her & Jesse are getting married in March.

    She helped out Kristin with some packing. She didn't do any heavy lifting, but none of the girls did for that matter (I wouldn't expect them to).

    Hey man, I'm sorry to hear you got lost on the way back home! Mom said you made it to 494 but made a wrong turn off of there. That's my fault, I didn't write directions after 494 because I thought you knew how to get home after that.

    See you tomorrow.


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