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Zero Dollars

Taking a short blogging break from all things God-related:

  • Signing up for Google Ads on your website: $0.

  • Getting account settings and site configuration setup: $0

  • Modifying website to show discrete Google Ads: $0

  • Spending 3 hours trying to figure out why the ads don't show up, only to realize you're running Firefox with AdBlocker: priceless


I almost feel bad putting small ads on the blog, like I'm betraying the good tech folk and giving in to evil advertising. What's more is that I've never been a greedy person (really!) and have always been pretty content with what I have, which makes putting up ads feel like I'm giving myself up to the Dark Side of Greedy Capitalism. I don't expect to make any real money of course, but it'll be fun to see how it works at least and how long it takes to get that first $100 Google check. :-) I moved them way down to the bottom and made the colors blend in, so hopefully they're not too obtrusive for you all.

*edit* Woo! I've earned my first $0.30! I Google. :-)


  1. Heya, sub_reb! (you'll always be sub_reb in my mind) Got to be first comment on this post, woo! How are Mrs. Rebellion and Rebellion, Jr? Well to keep this comment on-topic, I think the google ad is just fine! Couldn't even find it at first, heh. As long as you don't put flashing, noisy ads on your site, I'll keep coming back. Also, I just now saw pics of your cat! So cute! But not as cute as my devil kitten ~_^. I gotta put pics of him up on my site soon. OK, gonna submit this before someone else beats me to it. Take care!

  2. I call SECOND POST!!!!!

    Hey Michelle, good to hear from you again. :-)

    The family is doing great, Connor will be in school again at the end of the month, going into kindergarden. Kristin has taught him to read really good already, so I think he'll be ahead of the pack.

    It's funny, Munch (our cat) is soooo much bigger already than she was in those pics. That was only a month or two ago it seems, and now she's so big already it's hard to imagine she was so small just a little while ago.

    Got any pictures of your devil kitten? Would be interesting to see. How's out-of-college life going for you, doing any accounting work yet?

    Hey thanks for stopping by! Talk to you again soon, God bless.


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