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Music library online for good!

I've officially made my transition from a boy geek to Über man geek (ooh I like that) with my graduation from the severely limited XP Pro Microsoft IIS 6 web server to the ubiquitous Apache web server. Took awhile to figure out, lots of problems setting it up and getting all my ducks in a row, but about 5 hours of CPU toiling, eyeball scratching, and manual reading later, VOILA, I'm online, hosting my own website.

What does that mean for you? Well, part of what I needed was sharing my music library. So feel free to browse around and grab anything you like:

Messianic Jewish Music

Classic Rock (lots of Beatles, some Stones)

Oddities, including Metal Gear game soundtracks, various clips I can't vouch for)

Some Frank Sinatra songs, old jazz and easy listening stuff

Contemporary rock, pop

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