Fun Connection in Las Vegas

The second night here in Las Vegas was interesting. I sit down at the Eye Candy Sound Lounge with some other software developers. Next to me, a man in a thick Israeli accent asks, "Judah? Judah Gabriel? You have twitter account? And blog?"

Turned out to be Ariel Ben Horesh - a Tel Aviv software developer who follows me on Twitter and recognized me from this blog. Ariel is co-founder of an Israeli tech company,

As we talked, I joked, "Well, if I ever move to Israel, I'll have to hit you up for a job!"

He responded, "You don't even have to ask, the job is yours."

Very cool guy. We hung out the rest of the conference:

And it was amusing to again meet people who knew me from this blog. This has happened several times in the Messianic world and a few times in the Christian world, but this is a first. Sometimes I forgot that lots of people read this blog, even if few comment.

Amusing stuff. Whole experience has been fun.

More to come.


  1. Yeah, I'm with James.
    What's the hold up?

  2. That's too does it feel to be famous?

  3. Lots of things are holding us up. Examples: none in my family speak much Hebrew. My son has friends in school. My wife has here parents close to us. My wife is a Christian with no desire to live in Israel.

    Still, one day, maybe.

    @yahnatan, being famous rocks! ;-)

  4. I get the impression that a lot of people make aliyah without knowing much Hebrew. The wife having no desire to live in Israel (has she even visited?) is a deal breaker, though. I've toyed with the idea of moving to Israel over the years, but I don't think my wife has much of a desire to live there. Of course, I don't have a job waiting in the Holy Land for me, either. Makes a difference. ;-)

  5. Judah,

    My wife and I would move to the Land in a minute. In fact, I almost got a job with an engineering firm in Ofra while living there for 6 weeks. Didn't pan out, but the seed has been planted.

    And knowing what little Hebrew that I do I didn't have any problems communicating and making friends.

    I also believe that many believers in Messiah will soon be there to join together with brother Judah, fulfilling the prophecies of scripture.

    Won't that be cool!



  6. "I also believe that many believers in Messiah will soon be there to join together with brother Judah, fulfilling the prophecies of scripture."

    I hope not!:) Our Gentile brothers already have more than plenty of their own land that G-d has gifted them with.


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