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A Messianic walks into Vegas...

No, it's not the start of a bad joke, I'm in Las Vegas this week for business.

This is my first time out here. Quite a new experience. Ancient Babel + New York + Old World Dynasty Egypt = Las Vegas. Except the gods have all been replaced with money and sex.

Come to think of it, many of the old pagan gods were fertility- or prosperity-gods, so maybe things haven't changed so much after all.

Only so much I can write now; iPads are nice for reading stuff, terrible for writing. Intelligent commentary Pictures of all the indulgent excess forthcoming. :-)


  1. Remember. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...ordinarily. Don't post photos to the web of your "activities" unless you want them to live forever. ;-)

  2. Hard to remember anything positive about the last time I had to go to Vegas. I guess that is why I see so many of His commands as protective fences rather than restrictions. Father knows best. Hope you came out intact.

    Shalom, Jeff.


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