The Napoleon


Sounds convincing to me.

Gotta love the Napoleon types.

Enjoy your weekend, fine blog readers, and be on the lookout for those evil Illuminati!


  1. May 21st and it is cold enough to snow here. Real warmth is getting harder to find as the final day approaches.

    Shabbat Shalom

    May Shavuot become real to us all this year.


  2. May 22nd and we have a record high temp here in Minnesota. (84F)

    Must be that global warming..err...cooling...err...temperature changing thingamajig.

  3. That's probably the most funny, twisted, and un/mis-educated commentaries I've heard in a long time.

  4. Well, it did snow in Boise yesterday. Cold and windy today.

    Roasting some lamb over the coals may not happen this Shavuot.

    This global warming thing is sure making it cold this year.


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