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New feature: Auto-transpose guitar chords on MessianicChords

 It took me till 3am, but I built something interesting last night.

You can now auto-transpose guitar chords for Messianic music chord charts on

You can try it out here - just click the + or - buttons to transpose the chords up or down.

Currently, this new transpose capability works only for newer chord charts that are submitted through the means below. I'll be updated all existing chord charts to work with the auto-transpose in the next few weeks.

New Chord Chart Submission Flow

I also added a new capability for users to upload a new or edit an existing chord chart:

When you click upload, you're now taking to a new chord edit page, where you can upload a new chord chart or edit an existing one:

As seen above, you can upload a chord chart, attach files (e.g. recording of the song), links (e.g. link to the song on MessianicRadio, Youtube, etc.), and add rich metadata like key, capo, relevant Scripture, copyright, year, and more.

When you fill in the chord chart as shown above, the auto-transpose functionality will be enabled. (By contrast, if you don't fill in the chord chart, and just attach a PDF or Word document of the chord chart, that's OK but auto transpose will not be available.

You can also edit any song on the site by clicking its little pencil icon:

Good stuff! Enjoy! I hope it's useful to folks.

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