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Messianic Music with a Contemporary Sound?

Contemporary Christian musicians

A friend emailed me with a question. Her Messianic friends listen to Christian contemporary music and tell her they don't care for Messianic music because there's nothing contemporary. Are there Messianic musicians with a contemporary music sound?

I interpret contemporary here to mean Christian pop, the kind you might hear on Christian radio stations, the kind of music published by Bethel Music et al.

My response:

There certainly are some Messianic musicians with a contemporary sound. I am thinking of folks like Shae Wilbur, Melody Joy, or Beckah Shae. Also, Joshua Aaron has done several songs with contemporary Christian artist Aaron Shust. I'd also suggest some Hebrew music from folks like Jamie Hilsden and albums like Midor Ledor have a contemporary sound as well.

That said, your friends are right that most Messianic music sounds different. I think that's OK! Most Messianic music does have a different sound, one that is not trying to emulate the Christian genre. The Messianic movement has a unique calling, distinct from the broader Church, so our music will often reflect that.

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