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Guest post: How to Avoid Spiritual Carnage

Shalom, Kineti readers. Today’s post is a special treat: a guest post by someone who is legitimately the kindest, sweetest person in the world you will ever meet, my aunt Mary Dodd.

Mary has witnessed friends and family go from Torah observance to apostasy and atheism. Yet through these heartaches, she learned a divine lesson; one which many Messianics still need to learn. She passes that wisdom onto you, dear reader, here in this post and in a new book, The Pink Toolbelt: Spiritual Remodeling for Women.

How do I fulfill God’s commandments without losing my relationship with Messiah?

imageMy eyes have witnessed much spiritual carnage. Friends and family members whom I always thought were solid in their faith have suddenly turned their backs on the Father. They no longer look at God’s Word as truth. They have stepped off the path that leads to Father, and have chosen an easier wider path to follow. They drop like flies.

There are no words in the language of men that can describe the intense pain that this carnage brings. I have felt it in the past—and I continue to feel it to this day because some of those family members who have left their faith are my very own children.

The observance of any form of Judeo-Christianity can be confusing when we don’t place Messiah’s teachings first. Man-made religiosity has made a slippery slope of confusing doctrines—that not only are un-Biblical, but also cause souls to abandon their faith altogether.

The key to spiritual success of any form of Judeo-Christianity is Messiah—placing His teachings first, and His way of living out Torah is based on how we treat our fellow man.

Becoming like Messiah is the Key

Messiah’s teachings were profound. He taught us how to gain status in Father’s Kingdom: Be last, be least, go the extra mile, forgive those who hurt you, pray for your enemies, don’t even be angry and don’t be lustful.

He didn’t just teach the truth, He lived the truth and showed us how to live out our faith in the best ways that please Abba Father.

He taught by example—which I think is the best way to teach.

He showed us how to forgive perfectlyby forgiving the soldier while he was in the act of crucifying Him

Christ showed us how to obey perfectlyHe obeyed His Father’s will even when it meant sacrificing Himself.

He showed us how to honor our parents –He honored his mother by asking one of His disciples to look after her, He did this all while hanging on the crucifixion stake.

He showed us how to serve each otherThe KING fed the hungry, He healed the sick, He loved the unlovable and unclean, He washed, He bound the brokenhearted, He died for all.

When we work hard to look like Messiah in every area of our lives; from our forgiving, obeying, our honoring, and our serving, to our words, our thoughts, our attitudes, our praying, and our loving—we are walking out our faith perfectly. Because Messiah perfectly shows us Father’s good, kind, beautiful, benevolent heart, it only makes sense that we should follow His perfect, kind, and merciful example.

What do you think?

toolbeltWhat do you believe about this topic? I’d love to hear what you think. Comment below as well as check out my newly released book.

The Pink Toolbelt—Spiritual Remodeling for Women, is all about spiritually remodeling our lives into the image of Messiah’s life—becoming a true disciple—in fact, a mirror-image of Him.

If that is needed in your life, I encourage you to read The Pink Toolbelt. You can find it on Kindle and paperback.

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