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Emet Zion Music

I built a new Messianic music website for my buddy Micha'el Ben David:

Micha'el is a good friend and holy brother. I've hosted him at my congregation several times over the years. Not too long ago, Micha'el and I sang Hebrew songs to Lutherans in Minnesota. :-)

Micha'el played music for the Lord with my younger brother in a Jerusalem cafe:


I've come to know Micha'el as a man of integrity. He loves Messiah and Torah, and is a bold and unapologetic voice for the Lord in Israel and around the world. While living in a Jewish community in Israel, he was pressured by some anti-missionaries to give up his faith in the Messiah. He refused, and as I recall he told them, "No, I love you too much to do that." He love for Israel and the Jewish people is the fabric of who this guy is. I'm honored to know him.

Over the years, he has produced 7 albums and numerous music videos:

His music is some of the highest-ranked music by the international Messianic audience at Chavah Messianic Radio.

I encourage you to check out his music, including his new album, on

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