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Torah Tuesdays: EtzMitzvot updates

Shalom, folks. Just a quick note, I’ve wanted to get back on the horse with regards to, the big visual tree detailing all the commandments in the Torah.


In keeping with the good desire to study and learn, and combatting the lethargy preventing me from moving forward with my God-related projects Smile, I’m shooting for regular Torah Tuesday blog posts, in which I examine a few commandments, blog about them, and add them to the massive EtzMitzvot visual.

For today, I’ve added 10 commandments related to idolatry to the new tree (imported from the old static visual) and have added some nice metadata on hover of a commandment. You can now see varying observance levels for each commandment on hover.

For example, here’s when I hover over the “Rest on Shavuot” commandment:


See you next Tuesday, fine Kineti reader, and I hope you enjoy EtzMitzvot.

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