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Yeshua-faith made possible through Chanukah

Without the events of Chanukah, the Jewish people would have assimilated into the Greek-speaking culture.

If the Jewish people assimilated, Jews and Judaism would disappear.

If the Jewish people disappeared, there would be no Jewish Messiah born some 160 years later.

If there was no Messiah, there would be no Jewish disciples, no gospels, no Jewish emissaries to the nations – the writings that comprise the New Testament.

No New Testament, we would still be sacrificing to wooden idols, practicing temple prostitution with fertility goddesses, or moved onto other false gods or no-god, to our own destruction.

Chanukah made possible not only the preservation of the Jewish people, but also made possible the coming of the Jewish Messiah, laying the foundation of Judeo-Christian values that remain with us to this day.

Messiah’s final words on earth were to go into all nations to be witnesses of him. That resulted in Christianity, the Messianic Jewish movement, the Hebrew Roots movement, and all variations on believing in the Jewish Messiah and coming to know the God of Israel. Christians have much to be grateful to the Jewish people for.

Really remarkable to consider the work God’s done in the last 2000 years, is it not?

Happy Chanukah, fine Kineti readers.

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