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Dancing in the streets of Old Jerusalem

I finally made it to the Old City of Jerusalem. It was late. I headed for the Jewish Quarter.


Thinking of heading over to HaKotel, I hear some music in the distance. I walk over to this corner to find 3 guys playing music:


Guitar, bongo, violin. Playing some songs of Zion. I recognized a few of them. Simcha Kanter’s Ki Anu Amecha (Surely we are your people…), and again the Im Lo Aleh Et Yerushalayim (If I don’t exalt you, Jerusalem…)


At first, it was just myself listening. I clapped along to some of the songs, and soon several others came over and started clapping.


Next a few started clapping, singing, and dancing…


An IDF soldier came by and started clapping. One of the dancers grabbed him, hoisted him on his shoulders, and started dancing with a fully-grown man on his shoulders – ha!


Dancing – with joy! – in Jerusalem. Yes! Then, to the Kotel.

That, fine Kineti readers, was my memorable night in the Old City of Jerusalem.

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