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Shalom from Israel!

Fine Kineti readers, I've embarked on a month-long stay in the Holy Land, courtesy (and much thanks to!) my employer, an excellent small tech startup in Hadera, Israel.

[Israel 2014 photo album]

It's kind of a working vacation: The company flew my wife and I to northern Israel, rented a nice apartment in the beautiful and historic Caesarea (pronounced "kaySARea" by Israelis), and rented a car for us for the whole trip.

In return, I sling some code for them during the weekdays at the office in northern Israel.

Sensing a rare opportunity, my wife and I decided to take the whole family, bringing my 14 year old son and 5 year old daughter to see the Land.

Quite the deal! So grateful. We've been here a week, and are having a wonderful -- and meaningful -- time here.

I visited Israel two years ago, yet this trip has been a pleasantly different experience.

Namely, having access to a car is rather liberating. My last trip to Israel two years ago I had no car, limiting me to sights near my location. (Bus transportation is effective, but can get crazy when you don't know your stop, and the driver's English is not so good. And taxis are expensive and the drivers try to extract every shekel from your American wallet.)

But with the employer-provided vehicle, we've travelled from Caesarea to Arad, Nazareth to Ein Gedi to Jerusalem and Samaria. Such a blessing.

Last trip, I photographed and wrote blog posts every day, relishing and preserving every moment. Now it's different; rather than feel the need to document everything, I've just stepped back and enjoyed the experience with my wife and kids. Sure, I'm still taking some pictures to preserve the memory, but that's the extent of it!

As an example, I write this already a week into my trip, and only now as I sit here lounging near the water in a moment of leisure. :-)

So, fine blog readers, thanks for reading this quick update. I am grateful for your prayers while I'm in Israel. Shalom from the Holy Land!

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