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Celebrating 66 years of Israeli independence


Yom HaAtzma’ut - Israel turns 66 today. (Or, 3000 some odd years old if you’re being technical!)

Photo of streets of Israel for Yom HaAtzma'ut, 2014

A few choice quotes (ahem) from Israel’s dear friends:

Israel? I put my name on that place. For how long? Well…remember how kids like to say, “infinity lock, throw away the key”? It’s kind of like that.

–A. Don Olam

This land is My land, for Yis-ra-el land…this land was made for Yisrael Ami.

–Al Mighty

We’re moving! My permanent residence will be 1 Eternal Way, Jerusalem, Israel, 77777. I’m going to build a new house there, and I’m inviting everyone over for prayer.

–Avi Malkeinu

My captors are demanding I sing songs to them. Bwahaa! How could I even sing God’s songs when I’m outside God’s city, Jerusalem? Not happening.

–Saul Mist

My love,

You’ve been away long enough. Time to come back to Israel. Are you living in the most distant island? I’ll find you and bring you back to me if that’s what it takes. I want you back.

See you soon,
–L.O. Heem

I’m a singer-songwriter outside of Israel. But if I ever forget Jerusalem, then let my mouth go numb; may my lyrics become more undecipherable than a Dylan mumble, and may my instrument-playing hand be as useful as Hawking’s lower half. I won’t sing without Jerusalem in my heart!

-Jerry Miah

You’re cordially invited to the King’s Coronation party:

Where: Walk down the Mt. of Olives, enter through the golden gate (nevermind the construction going on!), pass the Shekinah, follow the straight and narrow path until you see the throne of Melech HaHaMashiach’s.

When: TBD. Keep eye out for astronomical signs – don’t worry, you won’t miss it.

Who’s attending: Everyone. I even invited Egypt!

RSVP quickly, slots at the feast table filling rapidly.

-L. Elyon

Jerusalem? It’s my highest joy!

-Dave H. Melech

You know how some people fall asleep at the wheel? Not this guy. In my watch over Israel, not a wink of slumber, not a moment of sleep while I’m on duty.

-L. Shuteye

Israel? I watch over her like a shepherd.

Moe Stigh

When you pray to God, ask him for this: peace in Jerusalem.

-Cher Hamaalot

I am going to make Jerusalem the world’s brightest light. Every president, every prime minister, every nation on earth will be drawn to Zion, mark my words!

-G.D. from Shamayim

It’s going to happen like this: my friends and I will be making our descent into Jerusalem. The Mt. of Olives looks like a nice landing spot. Hopefully it will be peaceful when I arrive, otherwise I might have to crack some skulls and defend my hometown. See you all then!

–Mel HaMashiach

Happy birthday, Israel! Your friends may be few, but they are friends in high places!

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